Resident Stipends and Benefits

Resident Stipend

The annual stipend is competitive with other institutions of similar caliber, and is particularly attractive given the relatively lower costs of living, notably housing, in North Texas.

PGY-1 $58,965
PGY-2 $61,785
PGY-3 $64,098
PGY-4 $67,435
PGY-5 $70,000
PGY-6 $73,170

Resident Benefits

  • Paid time off (25 working days/year)
  • Administrative leave for special opportunities (by arrangement with the Training Director)
  • Book allowance up to $500
  • Pagers are provided
  • Health insurance is provided at a shared cost
  • Life insurance (double the annual salary) is provided
  • Discounted DART rail pass
  • Medical malpractice is provided by the Psychiatry Department
  • Pre-arranged parental leave is available
  • Lab coats are provided