Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship

The ACGME-accredited Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship Program at UT Southwestern will provide you the opportunity to practice psychiatry in a population with comorbid mental and medical illness. As life expectancy continues to increase and sociopolitical forces limit availability of quality mental health care in the community, this ever-increasing patient population will demand the expertise of consult-liaison psychiatrists.

The Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship Program will supplement your general psychiatry training with a rich clinical experience and academic environment in which to develop skills in consult-liaison psychiatry. As a psychosomatic medicine fellow, you will provide leadership on interdisciplinary teams composed of residents, medical students, social work, and psychology.


We will provide formal supervision through daily teaching rounds and formal weekly didactics, as well as informal supervision from consult service attending physicians. Teaching medical students and residents will be an important part of your training. You will also be encouraged to develop specialized interests within consultation-liaison psychiatry and complete an academic or research project during your tenure with the Fellowship Program. Established clinical researchers throughout the Department of Psychiatry are open to mentoring, and collaborative efforts between fellows and faculty of other specialties is abundantly available.

Rotation Locations

You will provide care to a wide variety of patients across UT Southwestern’s affiliated hospitals.

Parkland Memorial Hospital, a public-funded county hospital and tertiary care center that allows trainees to see patients on a variety of medical services and practice liaison within the context of a large hospital system.

Consulting at the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center and at Zale Lipshy University Hospital will broaden your exposure to special patient populations—specifically, veterans at the former, and transplant and physical rehabilitation inpatients at the latter. The smaller hospital environment provided by Zale Lipshy University Hospital will allow you more autonomy as a consultant and more direct liaison experience with attending physicians.

You will also receive ambulatory care exposure during a weekly half-day clinic.