Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

Substance abuse and dependence are among today’s greatest public health problems. Few subspecialties will be in greater demand than addictions psychiatry. Inaugurated in July 2000, our Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program features an enriching educational experience that will provide you the opportunity to become certified as an addiction psychiatrist.


Fully accredited by ACGME, the UT Southwestern Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship offers abundant opportunities to develop as an addiction psychiatrist, including contact with distinguished faculty in internal medicine, family practice, forensic and adolescent psychiatry, and other specialties.

Clinical Opportunities

With a variety of clinical opportunities available in the Dallas area, the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship offers an eclectic array of options. Your service rotations will include inpatient, outpatient, day treatment, and community psychiatry in private, public, and Veterans Administration settings.

If you are interested in pursuing a research career, you can participate in an additional year of research training that includes working with outstanding basic and clinical scientists focused on addictions.

Specialized Experience

Experiences include adult, adolescent, and family approaches to treatment. You will benefit from didactic seminars and close one-on-one supervision with key faculty.

Several rotations are available:

  • Methadone/buprenorphine programs
  • Consultation-liaison
  • Specialized pain clinic for addicted patients
  • Addiction treatment for women, including adolescent and pregnant patients