Continuing Medical Education

The Office of Public Education and Continuing Medical Education at UT Southwestern Medical Center is responsible for designing interactive, learner-oriented activities that incorporate adult learning principles and utilize educational research to promote life-long learning and continual professional development for practicing physicians, scientists, and nursing and allied health professionals.

The overarching goal is to enhance the knowledge, technical proficiencies, professional performance, and interpersonal skills of these health care professionals both within and beyond UT Southwestern Medical Center by providing evidence-based, clinically relevant medical information, and cutting-edge research topics.

All activities adhere to the guidelines and standards of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

The types of activities offered by the Office include continuing professional education courses for physicians, Ph.D.s, and allied health professionals via a range of learning modalities including seminars, symposia and workshops, grand rounds, teleconferences, self-directed learning, skills labs, preceptorships, min-fellowships, lectures, and internet-based Continuing Medical Education (CME) offerings.