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UT Southwestern ranks nationally, regionally among 'Best Hospitals'


UT Southwestern Medical Center is the No. 1 hospital in Dallas-Fort Worth – the nation’s fourth-largest metro area – and ranks among the top 50 hospitals nationally in 10 specialties ranging from brain to heart care.

Gene in fat plays key role in insulin resistance


Deleting a key gene in mice in just their fat made tissues throughout these animals insulin resistant, in addition to other effects, a new study by UT Southwestern researchers shows.

Triple negative breast cancer meets its match


One member of a larger family of oxygen sensing enzymes could offer a viable target for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), UTSW researchers report in a new study.

Surgery restores eye muscle function to patients with facial paralysis


Surgeons at UT Southwestern have developed and analyzed the benefits of a cutting-edge technique that provides patients with facial paralysis the ability to close their eyes.

Learning the wiring diagram for autism spectrum disorders


A team led by UT Southwestern researchers has identified brain circuitry that plays a key role in the dysfunctional social, repetitive, and inflexible behavioral differences that characterize autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

UT Southwestern, Texas Health launch collaborative study to better understand COVID prevalence in DFW


Despite the high number of confirmed cases, the true prevalence of COVID-19 infections is believed to be underestimated due to insufficient testing capacity and a high percentage of asymptomatic people.

A different ChIA-PET provides insight into prostate cancer


UT Southwestern researchers have identified vast webs of small snippets of the genome that interact with each other and with genes to promote prostate cancer.

Understanding the circadian clocks of individual cells


Two new studies led by UT Southwestern scientists outline how individual cells maintain their internal clocks, driven both through heritable and random means.

Need to check patient's jugular venous pressure? There's an app for that


A new report from cardiologists at UT Southwestern raises the hope that doctors will be able to visually check the jugular venous pressure of heart failure patients remotely, using the camera on a smartphone.

UTSW COVID-19 model predicts surge in advance of Fourth of July holiday


Revised DFW model shows a dramatic spike in DFW hospitalizations related to COVID, predicting a potential 20% surge over the next two weeks.