Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Fellowship – Program 4099

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The UT Southwestern Medical Center Pediatric Ophthalmology and Adult Strabismus Fellowship position offers an outstanding opportunity for the highly qualified individual to obtain extensive, high-volume medical and surgical experience in all aspects of pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. The Fellowship Program is developed to provide a comprehensive experience in treating a broad range of medical and surgical problems in strabismus and children's eye diseases, including amblyopia and strabismus, pediatric neuro-ophthalmology, retinoblastoma, pediatric cataracts, pediatric glaucoma, retinopathy of prematurity, and pediatric oculoplastics.

Children’s Health℠ Children’s Medical Center serves as the primary pediatric facility at our institution.

The Ophthalmology Service at Children’s Medical Center currently employs three full-time academic orthoptists, and several additional ancillary support staff. Three residents from the UT Southwestern Department of Ophthalmology rotate at Children’s Medical Center at any given time. Approximately 20,000 office visits and 1,700 surgical procedures are provided by the Children’s Medical Center Ophthalmology Service annually. Thirty ophthalmologists (both full-time and clinical faculty) are on the Children’s Medical Center staff, including 10 pediatric ophthalmologists and 20 other ophthalmology subspecialists.

The participant is involved in all aspects of pediatric ophthalmology at Children’s Medical Center including examination of patients in clinics, consults, surgery, and resident teaching. Extensive exposure to adult strabismus evaluation and surgery is also an integral part of the Fellowship Program at participating adult institutions, offices, and day-surgery facilities.

The participant works closely with the fellowship preceptors, as well as other pediatric ophthalmologists on the staff of Children’s Medical Center and clinical faculty of UT Southwestern Medical Center. Additionally, the participant will work with full-time faculty in other ophthalmologic subspecialties at Children’s Medical Center in the clinics and operating rooms.

Full-time and clinical faculty are actively involved in numerous ongoing clinical studies.

Pediatric Ophthalmology Program Overview

Virtual Tour of the Department of Ophthalmology


Candidates must have successfully completed ACGME (or Canadian equivalent) accredited ophthalmology residency training and be eligible to obtain a full Texas medical license. U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is required.

Application due date: August 31, 2024

2024 Interview date: To be announced

Stipend: PGY5, no less than $80,521

AUPO/Fellowship Compliance Committee accredited: Yes


Pediatric Ophthalmology Fellowship Program applicants must register and submit an application through the SFMatch. Interviews are required and granted by invitation only.

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