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Postdoctoral Scholars

UT Southwestern provides postdoctoral trainees with the skills, opportunities, and encouragement to become true problem-solvers in the biological, physical, computational, and behavioral sciences.

Postdoctoral Road Map

As a graduate of the Postdoctoral Training Program, you can achieve your full potential as leaders making significant advancements in biomedical research and human health. Your journey consists of these steps:

Why choose UT Southwestern?

You have a lot to consider. We have a lot to offer. View the Postdoctoral Training Program brochure.

Exceptional Science


Groundbreaking, high-impact biomedical research


Collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment


Cutting-edge technology

Outstanding, Diverse Postdoc Population

View video of Dr. Stephan Daetwyler
View video of Dr. David Heisler
View video of Dr. Filipa Rijo

Reasonable Cost of Living


Competitive salary and benefits


Great city to call home

Training & Career Development


Innovative approach to postdoctoral training

Leah Banks

Full-time career and professional development staff

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Questions for Postdoctoral Affairs Office

Contact our office via Email for assistance.

Deirdre Brekken, Ph.D.

Deirdre Brekken, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs

Phone: 214-648-0741


Paula Abercrombie

Paula Abercrombie

Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

Phone: 214-648-0715

Daria Clark

Daria Clark

Program Coordinator

Phone: 214-648-0735

Vanessa Clemens

Vanessa Clemens

Education Coordinator

Phone: 214-648-5272

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