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Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship

Fellowship Overview

The goal of our Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program is to train postdoctoral fellows for careers in academic pediatric nephrology. The Program:

  • Trains fellows to evaluate and manage patients with fluid and electrolyte disorders and renal disease.
  • Gives didactic lectures and one-on-one teaching to provide a strong foundation in clinical nephrology.
  • Is designed to ensure the competence of the trainee in the clinical diagnosis and management of disorders of the kidney, urologic system, hypertension, renal replacement therapy, and fluid and electrolyte disorders in neonates, infants, children, and young adults.

Research Goals

Fellows have the opportunity to do either clinical or basic science research during their fellowship. Our training program is funded in part by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with five individual NIH grants and a shared NIH training grant.

Under the guidance and mentorship of our faculty, fellows choose a project during their first year and then pursue research work during the second and third years of their fellowship.

Two of our fellows have won the research award by the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology.

Clinical Goals

Nephrology fellows are expected to see and evaluate consults and new patients. They then present their history, physical examination, and laboratory evaluation to the attending nephrologist, who sees all the patients seen by fellows. The fellows provide an evaluation and plan of action, and the attending evaluates these with the fellow.

As fellows gain more experience, they are given more responsibility. However, patients are always evaluated by the attending physician.

The goals and objectives of the clinical and research aspects of the Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Training Program are chronologically outlined in the competencies that are expected to be achieved during each year of training.

The Fellowship Program Director, in collaboration with the attending staff, ascertains whether each of the goals is met for each fellow each year. The fellow is apprised of their progress in achieving the goals of the program.

Combined Track

We also offer combined adult and pediatric nephrology fellowship training for interested applicants. Residents who will be graduating from a combined internal medicine and pediatrics residency program are eligible to apply to this four-year combined fellowship program. You can apply to either our adult nephrology program or our pediatric program through ERAS.

Application Process

Our fellowship program accepts application only through ERAS. If interested, contact us for more details regarding the application process by sending an email to Dr. Smitha Vidi ( We can also set up a Zoom/phone meeting to provide you with more details regarding our program, application process and answer any questions that you may have. H1B visas will also be considered.

Past Fellows

The program has graduated more than 50 fellows, many of whom have moved to faculty positions within our program or at other academic medical centers across the region. Here is a look at our alumni over the last several years.

Map showing past fellows in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Illinois.

  • 2023


    • 2023 Salar Bani Hani, M.D., Pediatric Residency
      NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
  • 2021


    • Ahmad Mashmoushi, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX
  • 2019


    • Oluwadamilola Ejike, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      The Children’s Hospital, San Antonio, TX
  • 2018


    • Issa Alhamoud, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, Iowa City, IA
    • Jyotibala Jain, M.D., Pediatrician
  • 2017


    • Ei Ei Khin, M.D., Assistant Professor and Pediatric Nephrologist
      Texas Tech University, El Paso, TX
  • 2016


    • Sarah Elhadi, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      OSF Healthcare, Peoria, IL
    • Ayah Elmaghrabi, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      Phoenix Children’s, Phoenix, AZ
    • Asif Mansuri, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      Health Augusta University, Augusta, GA
  • 2015


    • Nisha Mathews, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      OU Medicine, Oklahoma City, OK
    • Asmaa Abu-Maziad, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • 2014


    • Lozano Guzman, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      El Paso Children’s Hospital, El Paso, TX
  • 2013


    • Khurrum Siddique, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      McAllen, TX
    • Catherine Joseph, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, TX
    • Annelise Ribeiro, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      Emory, Texas
  • 2012


    • Matthias Wolf, M.D., Associate Professor and Pediatric Nephrologist
      UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX
    • Pamela Winterberg, M.D., Pediatric Nephrologist
      Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Educational Conferences

  • Weekly Conferences

    Weekly Conferences

    • Fellow’s core curriculum lecture – Wednesday afternoons
    • Pediatric multidisciplinary conference – Tuesday afternoons
    • Pediatric nephrology inpatient discussion – Friday afternoons during sign out
    • Pediatric Grand Rounds – Wednesday mornings
  • Biweekly Conferences

    Biweekly Conferences

    • Pediatric Renal Transplant Committee Meeting
  • Monthly Conferences

    Monthly Conferences

    • Pathology/renal biopsy conference
    • Pediatric dialysis multidisciplinary conference
  • Quarterly Conferences

    Quarterly Conferences

    • Pediatric Nephro-radiology conference
  • Research Conferences

    Research Conferences

    • Department research day
    • O’Brien Center Lecture series

Fellows are also encouraged to attend Adult Nephrology Grand Rounds and Core Curriculum Lectures at UT Southwestern.

Watch the videos in the quick links to learn more about Children’s Medical Center and living in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro.

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Jyothsna Gattineni, M.D.

Jyothsna Gattineni, M.D.

Associate Professor

Division Chief, Pediatric Nephrology

Director, Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program

Elizabeth Brown, M.D.

Elizabeth Brown, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Associate Director, Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program

Halima Janjua, M.D.

Halima Janjua, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Associate Director, Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program

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Nicole Piñon

Coordinator, Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program

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