Advancing UT Southwestern's Research to Maximize Patient Benefit

The Office for Technology Development (OTD) is designed to support and advance UT Southwestern as an elite driver of health care innovation and commercialization. The Office has been realigned to streamline efficiencies and provide a better experience for UT Southwestern researchers and its external stakeholders. Through this realignment, the Office has created six new Commercialization Success Partner (CSP) positions and two new Assistant Director of Technology Commercialization positions to function as primary points of contact and directly interact with faculty, Principal Investigators, researchers and the business development team to ensure timely, customer-focused communication and collaboration. Each CSP is assigned to specific departments at UT Southwestern to better serve researchers’ needs.

Please see list of department assignments here.

Through an expanded business development capacity, OTD will establish closer relationships with potential commercial partners and keep them better informed of its pipeline of innovations. OTD will also continue to develop informative programs for UT Southwestern’s innovative faculty to learn more about the commercialization pathway.

Through these improvements, OTD plans to accelerate UT Southwestern technologies through the commercialization process in order to maximize their societal impact. OTD looks forward to working with you all as the Office continues to transition to better meet the needs of the increasingly complex research, technology development, and commercialization relationship that are required to advance UT Southwestern’s innovative science into therapies that directly benefit patients.

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