Commencement 2022

Thursday, May 19, at 7 p.m.

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Prospective and Current Students, and Alumni

Recognizing 2021-2022 Graduates

Graduates by Degree Program

  • Biological Chemistry

    Program Chair: Benjamin P. Tu, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Alberto Bremauntz Enriquez
    • Wen Chuan Hsieh
    • Zane Miller Johnson
    • William Peeples
    • Anna Maurine Scarborough
    • DaNae Rochelle Woodard

    Master of Science

    • Elisa Lin
  • Biomedical Engineering

    Program Chair: W. Matthew Petroll, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Anjali Balagopal
    • Lukas J. Farbiak
    • Tianshi Lu
    • Junjie Ma
    • Lin Ma
    • David Hamilton Saucier
    • Qi Wang
    • Yiming Wang
    • Ze Zhang (posthumous)

    Master of Science

    • Joel Liou
  • Cancer Biology

    Program Chair: Rolf A. Brekken, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Emily Nicole Arner
    • Huiyu Li
    • Austin Bradley Moore
    • Le Qi
    • Tracy Ibarra Rosales
    • Josiah Malachi Voth Park
    • Junqiu Zhang
    • Yuqing Zhang
  • Cell and Molecular Biology

    Program Chair: Angelique Whitehurst, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Amanda Goldner
    • Xuexia Jiang
    • Isara Laothamatas
    • Victor Antonio Lopez
    • Brenden Chul Park
    • Carlos Alberto Paz
    • Aracely Alicia Romero
    • Whitney Leigh Stuard

    Master of Science

    • Katerina Lynn Dague
  • Clinical Psychology

    Program Chair: Beth D. Kennard, Psy.D., ABPP

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Tahnae Tarkenton Allen
    • Carolyn Kuniko Cassill
    • Marielle Heather Collins
    • Laura Alexandra Frazee
    • Jessica Anne Harper
    • Saba Saleem Masood
    • Ashlyn Alyce Parides
    • Allison Nicol Parker
    • Kylie Sligar
  • Genetics, Development, and Disease

    Program Chair: Ondine Cleaver, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Ningyan Cheng
    • Andrew Seungjae Chung
    • Mingjian Du
    • Mahmoud Mohamed Elguindy
    • Robert Charles Harris
    • Jeremiah David Herbert
    • Samantha Tori Johnson
    • Aarin Jones
    • Sojeong Jun
    • Boxun Li
    • Chase Hunter Melick
    • Marco Antonio Monroy
    • Andres Ramirez Martinez
    • Anne Regina Ryan
    • Anu Thomas
    • Michael Nguyen Trinh
    • Qianbin Zhang
  • Immunology

    Program Chair: Anne Satterthwaite, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Ian Nicholas Boys
    • Fatma Sevde Coskun
    • Eric Jonathan Hsu
    • Margaret Mae McDaniel
    • Benjamin Ik Moon
    • Casey Elizabeth Moore
    • Garrett Ray Overcast
    • Mihir Vidyadhar Pendse
    • Vanessa Torres
    • Xintao Tu
  • Molecular Biophysics

    Program Chair: Luke M. Rice, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Paul Joseph Blazek
    • Whitney Nicole Costello
    • Nicholas Paul Lesner
    • Thuy Ngoc Thi Nguyen
    • Sean Whitney Rogers
    • Karolina Paulina Stepien
  • Molecular Microbiology

    Program Chair: John Schoggins, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Rachael Chanin
    • Justin Mark Hansen
    • Matthew Robert Lanahan
    • Animesh Anand Mishra
    • Nora-Guadalupe Piña Ramirez
  • Neuroscience

    Program Chair: Genevieve Konopka, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Yuh Tarng Chen
    • Jun Guo
    • Patricia Mary Horvath
    • Mark Landy
    • Anushka Christobel Wickramaratne
    • Zhe Zhang
  • Organic Chemistry

    Program Chair: Uttam K. Tambar, Ph.D.

    Doctor of Philosophy

    • Vaishnavi Narayanan Nair

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Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Facts

High Impact Research

Our students work alongside distinguished faculty and leading researchers on some of the most impactful medical conditions of our time including:

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Analytical Ultracentrifugation
Clinical & Translational Research Center
Computational Biology/Bioinformatics
Cryo-EM & Electron Microscopy
Cyclotron and Radiochemistry
DNA Genotyping
DNA Microarray
DNA Sequencing – Next-Generation & Sanger
Flow Cytometry
Genomics & Microarray
High-Throughput Screening
Human Genetics Clinical Laboratory
Kidney Research
Live Cell Imaging
Molecular and Cellular Imaging
Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping
Mouse MRI
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Preclinical Pharmacology
Protein Chemistry Technology Center
Rapid Biochemical Kinetics
RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Rodent Behavior
Small Animal Imaging
Synthetic Chemistry
Tissue Management
Transgenic Core
X-ray Crystallography


million to support research & innovation in 2019-2020

Cutting-Edge Technology


High Quality Living

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Thriving Cultural Scene

Time To Degree

Basic Biomedical Science Ph.D. 5.7 years

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. 4 years

Postdoctoral M.S.C.S. 2-3 years

Easy Access

Centrally located travel hub

Lower Cost

of living than most coastal cities

Highly Ranked

Nature Index Awards for 2020 Health Care Research include No. 1 in Global All Sciences and No. 2 in Global Nature and Science

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