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Prospective and Current Students, and Alumni

Highly Ranked Education

Discovery Happens When You Transcend Disciplines View Research Labs

Science and Medicine Combine for Discovery
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Cross Disciplinary Lab Environment
Professor making a point with an example
Accelerating Discovery from Bench to Bedside
Students in lab coats walking in a lab
Cutting Edge Disease Research
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Rewarding Scientific Conversations
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Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Mentorship Beyond the Bench View Research Labs

Work Alongside Distinguished Faculty
Professor and student talking together
Leaders in the Field
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Engaging Scientific Discussions
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Faculty Office Doors are Always Open
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Accessibility of Expert Faculty
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1-on-1 Guidance

Our Goal is Your Success View Research Labs

Navigating Career Development is a Top Priority
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Graduation Day
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Career-Related Seminars
Word cloud of school names including UCSF, Harvard, UC San Diego, Duke, Penn, Stanford, MIT, and many others
Postdocs Go on to Prestigious Institutions
Word cloud of career types including Research in Industry, Principal Investigator, Business of Science, Research in Academia, Science Writing, Teach in Academia, and many others
Wide Range of Career Outcomes
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Guidance from Experts in the Field

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Facts

High Impact Research

Our students work alongside distinguished faculty and leading researchers on some of the most impactful medical conditions of our time including:

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Analytical Ultracentrifugation
Clinical & Translational Research Center
Computational Biology/Bioinformatics
Cryo-EM & Electron Microscopy
Cyclotron and Radiochemistry
DNA Genotyping
DNA Microarray
DNA Sequencing – Next-Generation & Sanger
Flow Cytometry
Genomics & Microarray
High-Throughput Screening
Human Genetics Clinical Laboratory
Kidney Research
Live Cell Imaging
Molecular and Cellular Imaging
Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping
Mouse MRI
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Preclinical Pharmacology
Protein Chemistry Technology Center
Rapid Biochemical Kinetics
RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Rodent Behavior
Small Animal Imaging
Synthetic Chemistry
Tissue Management
Transgenic Core
X-ray Crystallography


million to support research & innovation in 2020-2021

Cutting-Edge Technology


High Quality Living

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Thriving Cultural Scene

Time To Degree

Basic Biomedical Science Ph.D. 5.7 years

Clinical Psychology Ph.D. 4 years

Postdoctoral M.S.C.S. 2-3 years

Easy Access

Centrally located travel hub

Lower Cost

of living than most coastal cities

Highly Ranked

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