Forensic Pathology Fellowship

Aims Statement

Our Forensic Pathology Fellowship program aims to create expert forensic pathologists. We have twelve full time staff pathologists, a varied and vast caseload, and ample opportunities for scene investigation and courtroom experience. Trainees are exposed to ballistics, toxicology and DNA labs, the morgue, and death investigation services, along with medico-legal aspects of autopsy using our highly qualified faculty and outside expert consultants. Our faculty train our fellows to be compassionate with grieving family members, The majority of our graduates will become full-time Forensic pathologists in a government office or academic setting. These positions often offer teaching opportunities at medical centers and law enforcement training centers. Some trainees may pursue a more academic career, covering hospital autopsy services. All of these settings may have research opportunities, although Forensic pathologists rarely pursue pure research tracks.


Dallas County and UT Southwestern Medical School offer a one-year ACGME-accredited Forensic Pathology Fellowship Training Program with special emphasis on comprehensive, scientific death investigation. Two fellowship positions are funded for each academic year. The Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences is located in Dallas, Texas, near the UT Southwestern campus. The facility serves many north Texas counties, examining approximately 4,200 decedents each year. The fellows are expected to complete approximately 200–250 forensic autopsies during the year and are actively involved with the death investigation division of the Office of the Medical Examiner.

Program Description