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Visiting Residents & Fellows

UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) and its participating training sites welcome visiting trainees who are enrolled in Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs at other institutions.

To help ensure an optimal educational experience and clinical learning environment, all visiting residents and fellows must be approved through the standard approval process outlined below.

Please Note

  • This process may take up to 120 days.
  • Visiting residents or fellows must complete this process to begin their training experience under the supervision of UTSW faculty either at UTSW or at a participating site.
  • Visiting residents or fellows must have a valid and current Texas Medical License or Physician-in-Training (PIT) permit to begin their training.
  • A participating site may delay and/or refuse a visiting resident or fellow for any reason.
  • A participating site may discontinue a visiting resident or fellow’s experience for any reason allowed by the EAA.
  • The Texas Medical Board’s PIT application process (timeline), PIT application submission spreadsheet instructions, and PIT application submission spreadsheet will be provided by the UTSW program coordinator.

Responsibilities of the Visiting Resident or Fellow’s Home Institution/Program

Home Institution or Program must:

  • Complete and submit Visiting Resident Request Form.
  • Complete the agreements between the various stakeholders (e.g., PLA and EAA).
  • Refer to the Texas Medical Board regarding process and time frame for procuring the appropriate type of licensure for the visiting resident or fellow.
  • Apply for the PIT permit for the resident or fellow completing rotations at UT Southwestern.
  • Provide proof of medical malpractice insurance coverage and upload to the MedHub Onboarding Package by the visiting resident or fellow.


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