Visiting F-1 Students

International students sponsored under the F-1 visa program of another U.S. academic institution may visit UT Southwestern Medical Center in order to conduct research or for temporary employment. These duties may be complimentary to and/or required to complete their degree program.

UT Southwestern considers such research or other internships to be employment, whether they are paid or unpaid. As a result we require any visiting F-1 student to obtain documentation of eligibility to work at UT Southwestern from the international student services office of the institution that sponsors the F-1 visa.

Apply for Work Authorization Through Your School

The institution sponsoring your F-1 student visa probably has specific forms and instructions you must follow to request F-1 curricular practical training or other F-1 work authorization. Please contact the international student services office of your school to initiate this request. 

Joint Biomedical Engineering Degree Program or Other Affiliation Agreement/Contractual Arrangement

If you are participating in the joint Biomedical Engineering Degree Program with UT Arlington or UT Dallas, or you believe your UT Southwestern employment is required under an affiliation agreement or contractual arrangement with your home institution, please complete our Visiting Student Work Authorization form and provide it to the international student services office at the institution where you are enrolled.

A Designated School Official (DSO) will provide you with appropriate documents authorizing you to work off-campus at UT Southwestern.

Visit UT Southwestern Office of International Affairs Before Beginning Your UTSW Employment

You must visit the UT Southwestern Office of International Affairs before beginning your research or other internship. Please call us at 214-633-0010 to make an appointment to meet with one of our advisors.

Please bring the completed Visiting Student Work Authorization form, your passport, I-94, I-20 form(s), completed Visiting Student Work Authorization (if appropriate), and/or any other documentation provided by your DSO to the appointment. 

Once you have been cleared by the UT Southwestern Office of International Affairs, you will be able to begin the internship.

Please contact us for more information.