Other Visa Categories

O-1 Status

The O-1 visa is for “persons of extraordinary ability.” It requires significant levels of proof of the claim of extraordinary ability, as well as a variety of letters of support from leaders in the related specialty. As such, UT Southwestern Medical Center chooses to sponsor O-1 visas only for faculty members at the level of Instructor or above. Please contact the International Affairs Office for information on the O-1 visa.

TN Visa

TN status is available to Canadian and Mexican citizens who will be employed in specific occupations. Information is available at the Department of State TN visa section. To qualify for a TN at UT Southwestern, you must be an employee paid a salary by UT Southwestern. TN status is only valid for the employer for which it was initially issued.

As with all other non-immigrant visas, persons in TN status are required to schedule a check-in interview with the International Affairs Office on or before the first day of employment. After you have been offered a position and support of TN status by a UT Southwestern faculty member or supervisor, the International Affairs Office will help you apply for TN status.

U.S. Permanent Residency

If you have been offered employment at UT Southwestern and have a Resident Alien Card (green card), you are not required to contact the International Affairs Office. However, if you have been approved for permanent residency but still have only the I-551 stamp in your passport or an Employment Authorization Document, you must schedule an interview with the International Affairs Office on or before your first day on the payroll.

UT Southwestern will only sign permanent residency applications for faculty members appointed at the rank of Instructor or above.