Center Overview

The science of nutrition helps improve quality of life. Nutrition offers methods that not only treat, but also prevent illness.

The mission of a faculty in the Center for Human Nutrition at UT Southwestern is to understand the study of abnormal metabolism and to draw out the contributions of nutrition and genetics in human beings.

Scientific evidence indicates that nutrition plays a role in the cause of many chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, obesity, fatty liver disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer. Research opportunities through the Center bring fundamental insights into nutritionally-related diseases and treatment techniques.

The study of human nutrition at UT Southwestern is divided into three areas of concentration: the cause, the prevention, and the treatment of disease in humans.

Research in human nutrition involves direct patient interaction as well as basic laboratory investigations with patient samples. All research carried out through the Center seeks extraordinary scientific discovery to promote healthy living.

Collaboration between the Center and the Department of Clinical Nutrition, allows the Medical Center to offer programs which involve the educational component to nutrition and is linked closely to the research conducted at the Center. The Center and the Department work hand-in-hand in teaching students the future of medicine, today. The program encompasses clinical consultation in treating patients suffering from ailments such as obesity, malnutrition, and dietary risk factors. The same program will involve preparation of food products and a public education campaign with seminars and media presentations for organizations.

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Through a clearly-defined effort, faculty and postdoctoral trainees work daily to learn and share essential nutritional information with colleagues and the community.