Student Health Insurance Coverage Requirements


UT Southwestern cares about your health and well-being  

In order to establish you have appropriate health care coverage while you are a student, UT Southwestern and the UT System Board of Regents require all students at a UT System health-related institution to have and maintain valid major medical health insurance coverage while enrolled.  This coverage may be with the UT System-sponsored plan or coverage from another provider. For students who do not have their own health insurance policy, UT Southwestern has contracted with the AcademicBlue℠ Student Health Plan, a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

All Medical School students will be automatically enrolled in AcademicBlue℠ Student Health Plan unless a waiver is submitted online.  The AcademicBlue℠ health insurance premium will be added to your tuition bill.  Student coverage costs are available at  UT Southwestern will bill the cost of your student premium to your student account in two payments (for the Fall term and for the Spring term).  You may contract for additional coverage for spouse, children and/or family directly through AcademicBlue℠.  Enrollment and customer service contact information is at

Alternatively, students can choose to submit a waiver to show evidence of health insurance coverage.  If the waiver is not submitted by first day of classes for the term, you will be enrolled in AcademicBlue℠ and the cost of the health insurance premium will be added to your tuition bill.   You will be responsible for the cost of that term’s insurance premium.  Waivers must be renewed each term.

See Student Health Insurance procedures for:

Medical School Students
School of Health Professions Students
Graduate School and Enrolled Postdoctoral Students