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Health Professions Admissions

Application costs, deadlines, and processes vary by program.

The UT Southwestern School of Health Professions welcomes applications from all interested individuals. Each year, approximately 150 students enroll in our programs which offer:

  • Interprofessional training opportunities across our institution
  • One-on-one faculty mentoring where 88% of faculty are practicing care providers
  • A well-rounded curriculum with early patient exposure
  • 100% employment rate within 6 months of graduation

Entering Class of 2018 Demographics

Demographic image showing that 76% of students are women and 24% of students are men
Class demographics image showing 96% of students are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and 20% are underrepresented minority (URM) U.S. citizens and permanent residents who come from underrepresented groups

Our Institutional Code for GRE and TOEFL score reporting is 6686.

Applied Clinical Research
Doctor of Applied Clinical Research Program Requirements UTSWApp Mar. 31
Physical Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree Program Requirements PTCAS Nov. 1
Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy Residency Program Requirements RF-PTCAS Dec. 31
Neurological Physical Therapy Residency Program Requirements RF-PTCAS Nov. 30
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program Requirements RF-PTCAS Dec. 31
Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program Requirements RF-PTCAS Dec. 1
Clinical Nutrition
Master of Clinical Nutrition: Coordinated Program Track Requirements UTSWApp Feb. 15
Master of Clinical Nutrition: Health Professional Track
(registered dietitians or licensed health professionals)
Requirements UTSWApp June 1
Physician Assistant Studies
Master of Physician Assistant Studies Degree Program Requirements CASPA Sept. 1
Master of Prosthetics and Orthotics Degree Program Requirements OPCAS Dec. 31
Prosthetics and Orthotics Residency Program Requirements Email Aug. 30
Continuing Education: Contemporary Limb Orthotics Review Requirements UTSWApp n/a
Continuing Education: Contemporary Limb Prosthetics Review Requirements UTSWApp n/a
Genetic Counseling
Master of Science in Genetic Counseling Degree Program Requirements UTSWApp Dec. 15

Academic Calendar

The academic year at the UT Southwestern School of Health Professions consists of three sessions:

Academic Calendar Timeline

Clinical work generally falls during the Summer term, but some programs also schedule class work during the Summer. Commencement takes place in December.

The Office of Enrollment Services publishes a detailed academic calendar each year.

Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement

Associate Deans and Officers of The Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement.

UT Southwestern values cultural sensitivity because it enhances the educational experience of our students and enriches the Medical Center community. Welcoming a demographically robust student body is imperative as we strive to provide our state with health care professionals who mirror the population they serve. In the School of Health Professions, we are committed to building a community of belonging dedicated to excellence, equity, and respect for all persons.

We are committed to attracting and maintaining a student body reflective of the communities that we serve. To meet this goal, we offer programs and organizations that support the needs and career aspirations of our students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you would like more information about the School of Health Professions Student Affairs and Engagement please reach out to us via email.

The UT Southwestern Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement is dedicated to helping ensure our students’ success. The office promotes effective communication with students, supports student organizations, and maintains contact with faculty and appropriate departments. The Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement serves all the students of UT Southwestern Medical Center. Students in the Medical School, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, O'Donnell School of Public Health, and the School of Health Professions all benefit from the programs and activities offered by the Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement to enhance students’ learning and social environment.