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Application deadlines vary by program.

Cost to Apply is Free

There is no application fee. We want our scientific community to mirror that of the global scientific community. Therefore, we do not place financial barriers between a student and higher education.

A complete application will include:

  • One finalized and submitted online application
  • Transcripts from all post-high school institutions attended
  • Three letters of recommendation submitted electronically. Please have the names and email addresses of your three references before you begin the application.
  • General GRE exam scores (institutional code 6686) are:
    • Optional for Biomedical Engineering
    • Not considered for Basic Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Psychology, or Organic Chemistry
  • TOEFL exam scores – for international applicants only

Graduate Student Demographics

Demographics image showing average undergraduate GPA is 3.6, and 50% of students and female and 50% are male.
Demographics residency breakdown showing 70% of students are from the United States, and 30% are international students. 22% are underrepresented minorities made up of U.S. citizens and permanent residents who come from underrepresented groups.
Demographics image showing average time to degree for Basic Biomedical Science Ph.D. is 5.7 years; Clinical Psychology Ph.D. is 4 years; Postdoctoral M.S.C.S. is 2-3 years.


A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States or proof of equivalent training at a foreign university is required. Students who are in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply.