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Scientists unravel DNA code behind rare neurologic disease


Dr. Benjamin Greenberg collaborated on one of the largest full DNA analyses of a rare autoimmune disorder, identifying a gene mutation that may help improve treatments of neuromyelitis optica.

Gene therapy may help brain heal from stroke, other injuries


Dr. Meifan Chen is the lead author of a study in which scientists have found a genetic trigger that may improve the brain’s ability to heal from strokes, concussions, and other debilitating injuries.

Dr. Kan Ding studies how exercise can protect against weak brain fiber, Alzheimer's risk


Dr. Kan Ding is lead author on a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease which finds more evidence that exercise improves brain health, helping to prevent or slow cognitive decline.

Social behavior restored via brain stimulation


Dr. Peter Tsai and his co-researchers from the Peter O'Donnell Jr. Brain Institute have discovered that some of the social impairments in children with autism could be corrected with brain stimulation to a certain part of the cerebellum.

Dr. Joachim Herz named the first Distinguished Chair in Alzheimer’s research


A new Distinguished Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutic Research has been established at UT Southwestern Medical Center through generous funding from the Presbyterian Village North Foundation; and Dr. Joachim Herz has been named the inaugural holder.

Autism treatments may restore brain connections


A study led by Dr. Craig Powell has identified a pair of autism treatments that may restore brain function to patients who lack a gene needed to maintain connections between neurons.

Kelley named Vice Chair of Clinical Operations


Brendan Kelley, M.D., joins UT Southwestern as Vice Chair for Clinical Operations and Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics.

NNRC holds inaugural symposium


Dr. DaiWai Olson established the Neuroscience Nursing Research Center in 2013 to train and support nurses who want to conduct research studies.

Dr. Bradley Lega collaboration results in identification of more than 100 memory genes


Dr. Bradley Lega teamed up with Dr. Genevieve Konopka on a study which led to the identification of more than 100 genes linked to memory.

Dr. Edward Pan explores creative approaches to fight brain cancer


Dr. Edward Pan is conducting a clinical trial to give patients with glioblastoma an alternative to chemotherapy.