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Global Health Pathway

The Office of Global Health (OGH) at UT Southwestern is committed to reducing health disparities globally, and training the next generation of leaders in global health. The OGH has supported global health activities for more than 700 students since 2010. These students have completed clinical rotations and research activities in more than 35 countries around the world. UT Southwestern recognizes the opportunity for expansion of our global footprint through collaborative partnerships that leverage unique strengths to improve health outcomes, while providing opportunities for the next generation of health care professionals to gain technical skills and exposure to cultures, societies, and unique diseases.

Alice Jean, M.D.

“I treasured the opportunity to create long-term relationships with community members and Foundation for Peace staff with the shared goal of improving their health.”

Alice Jean, M.D.

Distinction in Global Health

Taylore King

“The opportunity that the UT Southwestern Distinction in Global Health provided allowed me to better understand the significance of the role I will play caring for others.”

Taylore King

Medical School Class of 2021

Ajay Narayanan

“Overall, our work laid a solid foundation for future public health efforts aimed at promoting awareness of betel nut carcinogenicity and reducing the associated oral cavity cancer burden.”

Ajay Narayanan

Medical School Class of 2020

Cayenne Price

“This was a very new experience to me and I was pleasantly surprised by how touched and impacted I was by our patients throughout the trip. ”

Cayenne Price

Medical School Class of 2022

Sumanth Reddy

“Global health has been a common thread of my medical education, and my understanding and appreciation for this field continues to evolve with each new opportunity.”

Sumanth Reddy

Medical School Class of 2020

Sidrah Shah

“These invaluable lessons will doubtlessly continue to shape both my career and personal development.”

Sidrah Shah

Medical School Class of 2021

William Young

“As a future medical professional, there was no better way to understand the principles of public health than to assist and bear witness to a health initiative starting from the ground up in a developing community.”

William Young

Medical School Class of 2021


Entry Opportunities

Several opportunities for enrichment exist outside of the curriculum and coursework, and range in length and level of commitment.

Global Health Entry Opportunities Alana Carrasco Gate to Refuge photo taken in Guatemala
  • Spring Break Trips

    Weeklong student-organized trips are an ideal way to experience global health firsthand without the full commitment of a course, or to supplement one.

    There are four trip options:

    • Sarstún, Guatemala
    • Antigua, Guatemala
    • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    • El Paso, Texas

    Student leaders accept applications each fall. For more information, contact the Office of Global Health by phone, 214-648-2786, or email.

    The number of participants accepted varies by trip site

  • Global Health Interest Group

    Global health conversations are happening right here in Dallas. A student-run organization on-campus encourages, educates, and equips students for experiences around the world and promotes dialogue about current issues in global health.

    The group aims to:

    • Understand the numerous, diverse aspects of global health
    • Improve the health of communities at home and abroad
    • Increase awareness of global health issues and their far-reaching impact
    • Gain insight from professionals and students alike
  • Home and Abroad Magazine

    Home and Abroad magazine is a student-produced magazine published annually online and in print. The magazine highlights key global health topics through the voice of students, physicians, researchers, and subject matter experts from UT Southwestern and across the globe.

  • Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA)

    GSSA publicly advocates for the global surgery field and its need for more volunteers. It was established to develop and mentor future surgeons, anesthesiologists, and obstetricians of the world.

    The alliance aims to:

    • Provide timely and affordable access to surgical care around the world
    • Advance education and research about global surgery
    • Address challenges of providing sustainable care in low-resource settings

    To learn more, visit the UT Southwestern GSSA Chapter website.


Students are given the opportunity to learn about global health through didactic courses, clinical rotations, and research experiences in low- and middle-income nations.

Street scene in New Delhi, India, about a 30 minute drive from the approved Medanta Medicity post-clerkship elective location

These electives are designed for MS1 and MS2 students.

ENRH 106 Introduction to Global Health (Credit)

Offered in a lecture format over 12 weeks. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Core principles of global health
  • Factors that affect global health outcomes
  • Health care systems in low- and middle-income nations
  • Global burden of disease
  • Social determinants of health
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Cultural competency

ENRH 120 International Service Learning (No credit) – Please contact the Global Health Interest Group (GHIG), or your class global health representative, for information about service-learning trips.

These electives are designed for MS4 students and are offered over four weeks. Students may choose their own location of interest or pick from two pre-approved locations in India (Bangalore Baptist Hospital in Bangalore, Medanta Medicity in New Delhi). Core clerkships must be complete before submitting the required application.

  • Operate in low-resource, international health care settings
  • Manage health care disparities
  • Treat diseases endemic in developing countries

These electives are designed for all students and are offered over eight weeks during summer break. Students may study and serve in their preferred location. An application is required, and students must complete IRB training if accepted.

ENRH 134 Global Health Summer Research (Credit)

  • Conduct a research study
  • Formulate a research question
  • Present findings
  • Understand appropriate use of patient records
  • Identify limitations of local health reports

Scholarly Activity

Students who want to engage in a more intensive learning experience centered around Global Health can complete their scholarly activity on the Global Health track.

Margaret Leland’s The Sun Sets on a Complex City photo taken in Ecuador

Students will develop an understanding of the methods used to quantify health outcomes among individuals and populations across the globe. They will learn to address public health issues in an ethical and culturally competent manner.

In this course, students will:

  • Formulate a global health research topic
  • Design a feasible study
  • Implement study
  • Analyze data
  • Write a scholarly manuscript with mentor

Curriculum Details


Students with an extreme passion for Global Health can set themselves apart by earning a distinction. In addition to the scholarly activity, a student project, thesis, and portfolio are required. There are three ways to earn distinction: the integrated track, the independent track, and the International Medical Exchange Program.

Distinction Details

Contact Us

Mary P. Chang, M.D., M.P.H.

Director of Global Health Education

Phone: 214-648-7689

Mary Chang, M.D.

Christine Hall, M.Ed., M.A.

Global Health Education Coordinator

Phone: 214-648-0787

Christine Hall