Endowed Scholars Program in Medical Science

The Endowed Scholars Program in Medical Science provides generous financial support over four years to newly appointed tenure-track assistant professors at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Funded by private endowment, the Endowed Scholars Program has launched the research careers of 130 investigators.

Essential features of the Endowed Scholars Program are:

  • Funding supports independent research activities, partial salary, and fringe benefits of each newly appointed Assistant Professor. Individuals who already hold tenure-track faculty positions are not eligible.
  • Up to four scholars are appointed each year.
  • Positions in both basic and clinical science departments are available.
  • The primary responsibility of the scholars will be research. Teaching and some clinical duties (if appropriate) will also be included.
  • Scholars can join any of UT Southwestern’s interdisciplinary graduate programs.
  • Scholars have access to UT Southwestern’s 18 Core facilities with the latest equipment and knowledge necessary to assist in their work.
  • Scholars will compete for extramural research funding as their research programs become established.
  • An external advisory committee evaluates Endowed Scholars and the progress of the Endowed Scholars Program biennially.
  • Chairs and directors of the Medical Center’s basic and clinical academic departments and research centers nominate Endowed Scholar candidates.

Endowed Scholar Committee

An Endowed Scholar Committee that includes Drs. David Mangelsdorf (Chair), Lora Hooper, Josh Mendell, Sean Morrison, Margaret Phillips, David Russell, Joseph Goldstein ex officio, Helen Hobbs ex officio, Eric Olson ex officio, and Joan Conaway ex officio make final Endowed Scholar selections.

Nominate an Endowed Scholar

Information about how to nominate a candidate for the Endowed Scholars Program in Medical Science is available to UTSW faculty on MyUTSW, the campus intranet.