Family Medicine Residency Program

Family Medicine Faculty and Residents

Aims Statement

The programmatic aims of the Family & Community Medicine Residency at UTSW are:


a. To train residents through a longitudinal evidence based curriculum, to become well-rounded family physicians providing evidence based, cost-effective and high-quality patient and family-centered healthcare for a variety of populations, including the underserved.

b. To improve clinical care continuously through thoughtful QI projects.


a. To recruit high-quality residents from diverse backgrounds.

b. To engage residents proactively through bedside learning, didactics, procedure workshops, and opportunities to personalize their training through electives, interprofessional roles and committee memberships.

c. To grow and sustain high-quality faculty through faculty development and mentoring.

d. To ensure wellness for program faculty, residents and staff through structured events, peer support, mentoring and promotion of university resources.


a. To engage faculty, residents and medical students in community-based and clinical research specifically designed to improve patient care quality and outcomes.

b. To actively guide and support residents throughout the research process from initial inquiry to final presentation or publication.


Program Overview

The UT Southwestern Department of Family and Community Medicine offers 14 positions through the resident match each year. Eight positions are offered through our Parkland Track which serves the indigent population of Dallas County, and six positions are offered through our Southwestern Health Resources Track which mainly serves the privately insured.

Both tracks share common elements in training as shown below.

Procedures and Workshops 
Grand Rounds  
Special Interest Areas 
Department Distinction