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During Your Training

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Get Involved

Don't just bury your head in your own research! Keep exploring by taking advantage of all your UT Southwestern resources and opportunities. Keep your future personal and professional goals in mind as you go along. Your postdoc training is part of your journey, but it’s not the final destination.

Get the maximum benefit from your mentor. Helpful details can be found in the AAMC Compact Between Postdoctoral Appointees and Their Mentors.

Build your own community and network:

Align your expectations with those of your mentor. Find common ground where you can both benefit and thrive. Consider how you take and give feedback (video).

Dig Into Coursework

Our Postdoc Certificate Programs offer multiple tracks, each designed for completion over two years. Organized along the lines of continuing professional training, courses are graded on a pass/fail system. You earn a certificate after completing 15 credit hours of training.

Coursework Varies by Certificate Track

All postdocs begin with the Research Certificate. This track requires:

  • A Responsible Conduct of Research course
  • Writing an Individual Development Plan
  • A Career Advancement course

After completing the Research Certificate, postdocs may select from the following Advanced Certificate Offerings:

  • Advanced Research
  • Scientific Management
  • Cancer

Pursue Career Development

Explore career development resources such as workshops, leadership training, and career-oriented clubs such as teaching or consulting clubs. If your career goals change or include options outside the academic setting, be sure to attend career path seminars hosted by the Graduate Career Development Office.

  • Learn how to convert your academic CV into a resume.
  • Consider writing your own fellowship and attending grant writing workshops.
  • Make opportunities to present your research.
  • Travel to scientific conferences and meetings.
  • Attend seminars outside your area of interest. This is a great way to learn something new!

If you encounter any roadblocks in your training, UT Southwestern offers a variety of helpful resources.

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