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Finding a Mentor

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Identify the Faculty Member

To obtain a postdoc appointment at UTSW, first identify a faculty member whose research program aligns with your research interests and fits your personal goals.

  1. Explore Open Positions

    Find some, but not all, open postdoc positions posted on the Postdoctoral Training Opportunities webpage.

  2. Look at Labs

    Explore the Research Labs on UTSW’s website.

  3. Make Connections

    Talk to your previous mentors who may recommend UT Southwestern researchers.

  4. Browse Research

    Browse through the Research by Department webpage.

  5. Search by Your Interest

    Search the internet or PubMed for “southwestern” and keywords matching your research interests.

Tips for Evaluating Potential Mentors

Ask both the PI and lab members these same questions. Also, consider certain things they may not tell you. Hesitation, embarrassment, or defensiveness on certain topics might indicate issues to investigate further.

NIH Mentor Evaluation Questions

How to Apply

Once you have determined your interest in a specific lab, send a letter of interest and your CV directly to the faculty member. The Postdoctoral Affairs Office hires postdoc trainees, but only after the faculty member requests that an offer be made.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, consult the International Affairs Office for visa information.

Got your postdoc mentor lined up?

Consider a few things before you start.

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    Finding a Mentor

  2. Next Step

    Before You Start