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Graduate Career Development

The UT Southwestern Graduate School Career Development Office is committed to helping our students and postdoctoral appointees achieve their ultimate goal: a promising and successful career in science. Our career development resources are intended to prepare students and postdocs in the biomedical sciences for careers in academic research and beyond.

We provide resources and opportunities including seminars, workshops, and one-on-one advising appointments, with the goal of helping individuals:

  • Identify and develop the practical skills required for a range of science careers
  • Prepare for the academic job search
  • Explore occupations and industries beyond academic research
  • Assess and reflect upon personal factors including values, strengths, and skills as they relate to choosing a career path

Keep in mind that there is no single path to take to find the right career. Identifying your career options, interests, and preferences is up to you, so take advantage of career resources at UTSW.

Resources are accessible internally to the institution on the intranet.

Contact Us

Leah Banks, Ph.D.


Phone: 214-648-0731

Leah Banks, Ph.D.