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Pathway 2 Postdoc (P2P) Virtual Workshop

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2024, at 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

About P2P

We are excited about your interest in postdoctoral training at UT Southwestern. We prioritize creating an environment that empowers scholars to explore their research interests and tailor their scientific training according to their unique career trajectories.

The P2P workshop is crafted to guide you through the essential aspects of a postdoc experience at UT Southwestern. This short, three-hour, virtual program offers prospective postdoctoral scholars the opportunity to gain insight into our research landscape, the structure of our postdoctoral program, life in Dallas, and provides a unique opportunity to network with UT Southwestern faculty and current postdocs.

We hope you will join us for this virtual event!

Key Elements of the Workshop

  • Hear an overview of the postdoctoral programs at UT Southwestern
  • Navigate through UT Southwestern's research landscape
  • Explore professional development opportunities
  • Get a glimpse of Dallas life for postdocs
  • Receive firsthand accounts from current postdocs
  • Review instructions for the application process

All graduate students with an interest in physical, chemical, computational, or biomedical sciences, especially those within one year of graduation, are strongly encouraged to register.

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Embarking on an exciting journey of discovery begins with finding your ideal mentor. To help you on your path, UT Southwestern is proud to provide our customized MatchMeMentor (M3) service to connect aspiring postdocs with our outstanding faculty members who are eager to mentor young researchers. M3 functions as an academic matchmaking platform, using advanced algorithms to align your research interests, expertise, and career aspirations with an ideal mentor. You will receive notifications highlighting your top matches, empowering you to initiate contact for further information or even request virtual interviews.

How It Works

  • Register for the M3 service and complete your profile.
  • Receive five mentor matches selected for you by our algorithm, factoring in your interests, expertise, and career aspirations.
  • Choose your match! Review mentor profiles to select the matches you'd like to meet.
  • Meet up. Schedule virtual interviews using the platform.
  • Stay in touch! Whether you are ready to interview for a postdoc research role or are still exploring, you can connect with your mentor matches at your own pace.

Register for M3 Service