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Wrapping Up

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Recommended Steps

For a smooth transition at the end of your postdoc training, we recommend these important steps:

  1. Meet with your PI.

    Organize all your reagents, samples, lab notebooks, and data before transferring them to your PI or another lab member.

  2. Discuss your plans with the International Affairs Office if you are a visa-holder.

  3. Provide a resignation letter to your PI, department administrator, the Postdoc Office, and the International Office (if applicable) once you are sure of your final day of work.

  4. Complete the separation checkout sheet generated by your department administrator.

    This list includes important tasks such as returning your keys and ID badge, providing your final paycheck address, and updating benefits information.

  5. Get a printed or electronic copy of your official UTSW transcript.

  6. Obtain verification of your employment at UTSW.

    The Work Number verifies employment for those employees who are currently employed or who have worked for UT Southwestern since fall 2013. They can be reached at or 800-367-5690. Our employer code is 13946.

    Former employees who worked for UT Southwestern prior to the fall of 2013 should or call 214-648-9845 between 2 p.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday to obtain employment verification.

  7. Stay in touch.

    Complete the Exit Survey that you receive from the Postdoc Office, connect with us on LinkedIn, and provide contact information to the UTSW Alumni Office.

Other Ways an Appointment Can End

  • A postdoc scholar may resign.
  • A mentor may dismiss a postdoc trainee with a minimum of three months’ notice. Dismissal may be related to reaching the six-year training limit, encountering PI funding issues, or experiencing performance or “fit” issues, but no reason is required.
  • Breaking university policies can be cause for immediate dismissal. 

Next Steps

UT Southwestern postdoctoral alumni follow a wide range of career paths. More than 70% of our recent graduates choose careers in academia. No matter where your professional future leads, we know you have a lot to offer.

Best wishes for your next big adventure!

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