Continuing Education

These distance continuing-education courses are for prosthetists, orthotists, board exam candidates, therapists, medical residents, or any health care professional with an interest in prosthetics and orthotics. UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Prosthetics-Orthotics program has designed these selected lectures and exercises to be self-paced, easily completed in a few sessions, and flexible to fit into today’s busy schedules. Accessed online, these courses cover all levels of prosthetics-orthotics and the corresponding fitting principles. Registration in a course provides 30 days unlimited access. Course extensions are also available.

Available Courses

  • Contemporary Limb Orthotics: A Review
  • Contemporary Limb Prosthetics: A Review

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Available Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits awarded for successful completion of Contemporary Limb Orthotics: A Review

  • Certified Prosthetist-Orthotists or Certified Orthotists
    22.5 Category 1 Credits
  • Pedorthists
    8.75 Category 1 Credits for the first 12 lessons
    13.75 Category 2 Credits for remaining lessons
  • Letter of completion provided upon request for BOC or state licensure boards

Continuing Education Credits awarded for successful completion of Contemporary Limb Prosthetics: A Review

  • Certified Prosthetist-Orthotists or Certified Prosthetists
    30 Category 1 Credits
  • Letter of completion provided upon request for BOC or state licensure boards


Multiple choice questions accompany each lecture and are scored and returned immediately.

Written Simulation Problems

Several scenarios are presented to help the course participant work through clinical situations. These multiple-section problems attempt to simulate real patient encounters, allowing the participant to select actions that he or she would take in a true clinical setting. The best course of action for each problem is presented after the last section.

Problem Solving Questions

Short-answer and identification questions are available, with suggested best answers returned immediately after submission.

Prescription Recommendation Exercises

Prescription-formulation guidelines enhance prescription-recommendation skills.


Downloadable handouts are available to use as quick-reference guides in the clinical setting or as study guides:

  • Prescription Recommendation Guidelines
  • Transtibial Gait Deviations
  • Transfemoral Gait Deviations

Lecture Content

Course content is presented using slideshow presentations with lecture detail in the notes section.

Prosthetics Orthotics
Etiology and Incidence of Amputation Normal Gait
Lower Limb Anatomy Review Pathological Gait
Normal Gait MMT ROM Review
Pathological Gait Diagnostic Imaging
Transtibial Prosthetics Overview Plastics: Materials and Techniques
Biomechanics of Transtibial Prosthetics Introduction to Lower Extremity Orthotics
Transtibial Components Clinical Terminology
Prosthetic Feet Lower Extremity Surface Anatomy Review
Transtibial Socket Designs Lower Extremity Skeletal Anatomy Review
Transtibial Suspension Options Foot and Ankle Anatomy Biomechanics Review
Transtibial Total Surface Bearing Socket Concepts and Pin Suspension Foot Orthoses
Joint and Corset Suspension Principles Orthotic Considerations for Diabetes
Partial Foot Amputations AFO Design Principles
Syme Amputations and Prosthetic Management Introduction to Knee Orthoses
Transtibial Prescription Recommendation Hip and Knee Functional Anatomy Review
Transtibial Gait Deviations Orthotic Treatment of Lower Extremity Fractures
Transfemoral Introduction KAFO Design Principles
Biomechanics of Transfemoral Prosthetics Pediatric Hip Orthoses Introduction
General Transfemoral Components Transfemoral Suspension Systems Adult Hip Orthoses
Transfemoral Suspension Systems Spine Introduction
Quadrilateral Socket Design Principles Spinal Principles
Quadrilateral Modification Quick Reference Spine Surface Anatomy
Ischial Containment Socket Principles Spinal Skeletal Anatomy Review
Survey of Single Axis Knee Mechanisms Spinal Biomechanics and Pathologies
Polycentric Knee Principles Spinal Classification - Denis 3 Column System Quick Reference
Survey of Polycentric Knee Mechanisms Mechanics of Spinal Orthotic Treatment
Fluid Friction Dampening Principles Acute Spinal Fracture Management
Knee Disarticulation Principles Introduction to Spinal Traction
Hip Disarticulation and Hemipelvectomy Cervical Orthoses Overview
Transfemoral Prescription Recommendation Introduction to Halo Orthoses
Transfemoral Gait Deviations Orthotic Treatment of the Pediatric and Adolescent Spine
Introduction to Upper Limb Prosthetics Blueprinting a Scoliosis TLSO Using a Radiograph
Terminology, Etiology, and Incidence of Upper Limb Amputation Introduction to Seating - Principles, Biomechanics, and Components
Transradial Biomechanics Introduction to Upper Extremity Orthotics
Transradial Components Orthotic Management of the Hand
Transradial Harnessing and Cabling Orthotic Management of the Wrist
Transradial Socket Design and Suspension Hand Orthoses: Thermoplastic and Metal- Rationale, Components and Orthometry
Upper Limb Prosthetics Prescription Considerations, Documentation and Recommendations Wrist Hand Orthoses: Thermoplastic and Metal - Rationale, Components and Orthometry
Transhumeral Overview: Prosthetic Design, Suspension and Components Wrist Hand Orthoses: Addition of Outriggers
Transhumeral Harnessing and Cabling Wrist Driven and Ratchet Wrist Hand Orthoses: Rationale, Components and Orthometry
Wrist Disarticulation Orthotic Management of the Elbow: Orthoses, Rationale, Components
Elbow Disarticulation Orthotic Management of the Shoulder: Orthoses, Rationale, Components
Shoulder Disarticulation and Interscapulothoracic Amputations