The total estimated cost of the 30-month Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program, including tuition and fees is $41,149 for Texas residents and $87,629 for non-Texas residents.

Physician Assistant students

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After you’re accepted to the program, you can meet with a financial aid counselor in the UT Southwestern Financial Aid Office for information and help in applying for federal and state grants, loans, and scholarships. You can reach them by phone at 214-648-3611.

Texas Resident Tuition

$321.83/semester hour x 112 hours = $36,044.96

Non-Texas Resident Tuition:

$736.83/semester hour x 112 hours = $82,524.96


$5,104 over 30 months includes:

  • Student services
  • Medical services 
  • Computer usage 
  • Malpractice
  • BLS/ACLS course fee 
  • Anatomy lab
  • Graduation

Estimated Incidental Costs:

$3580 over 30 months includes:

  • Computer
  • Medical Equipment
  • Lab coats
  • Books

Professional Fees/Dues Prior to Graduation

  • NCCPA (National Commission for the Certification of Physician Assistants) – $500
  • Initial State Licensure (Texas State Board of Physician Assistant Examiners) – $220
  • Temporary License Fee (if desired) – $107

Professional Fees/Dues After Graduation

  • Annual State Licensure: $274.71
  • AAPA (American Academy of Physician Assistants) – $295 per year
  • TAPA (Texas Academy of Physician Assistants) - $175 per year


UT Southwestern has built a 282-apartment housing complex on campus. Campus Housing can provide more details about this and other housing options.