Visit our Financial Aid site for the most recent cost estimate.

In addition to tuition, fees, and book expenses, you’ll need to budget for:

  • Uniforms and clothing, including a lab coat ($25), chef’s jacket ($25), and professional attire
  • Immunizations ($100) and a background check ($40) before enrollment
  • CPR training ($70) before your second year
  • Drug screening ($40) before your clinical rotations
  • Transportation costs (car, gasoline, etc.) to and from assigned supervised practice rotations
  • Housing
  • Health insurance (student policies are available if you need one)
  • A computer with appropriate software and internet access

Ten scholarships are available for incoming students from UT Southwestern scholarship and foundation funds and the Texas Public Education Grants. To be eligible for one of these scholarships, the accepted student must file a current FAFSA form.

Texas Residents

  • Up to five incoming students who are Texas residents may be awarded a $5,250 scholarships to be renewed annually for up to three years, totaling $15,750.

Non-Texas Residents

  • Up to four non-Texas resident, incoming students may be awarded a $5,250 scholarship to be renewed annually for up to three years, totaling $15,750.
  • Up to one non-Texas resident, incoming students may be awarded a $5,250 scholarships to be renewed annually for up to three years plus $1,000 Foundation Scholarship with an in-state tuition waiver, totaling $16,750.

Because many scholarships go unawarded due to lack of applicants, we highly encourage you to apply.

After you’re accepted to the program, you can meet with a financial aid counselor in the UT Southwestern Financial Aid Office for information and help in applying for federal and state grants, loans, and scholarships. You can reach them by phone at 214-648-3611.

Here are other resources you may find helpful:


UT Southwestern has built a 282-apartment housing complex on campus. Campus Housing can provide more details about this and other housing options.