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Special Interest Organizations

Armed Forces Landing Zone (AFLZ)

The Armed Forces LZ student organization is a community of UT Southwestern’s fighting men and women. It aims to be a resource for veterans, current service members, and members of the first responder community – both faculty and students – to meet, socialize, and otherwise support each other in academic and professional pursuits with particular emphasis on welcoming new members of the Southwestern family.

Sarah Manning
Andrew Aboujaoude

Biomedical Innovation Society (BI)

The Biomedical Innovation Society (BIS) is open to all medical students, faculty, and staff interested in developing technologic solutions to healthcare challenges. The mission of the BIS is to support the activities of the Biomedical Innovations elective program, while providing opportunities for participation to individuals unable to enroll in the course. Members will be empowered with the skills and mindset required to accurately assess clinical needs and develop feasible solutions in a team-based environment.

Brad Bradshaw
Galen Gao

Choosing Wisely Liaisons (CWL)

Choosing Wisely is a national organization that is focused on value-based care and resource stewardship. Founded at UT Southwestern in summer 2018, we aim to bring these ideas to campus with this group. As an organization, we are focused on partnering with other student interest groups to discuss and disseminate information about the definition and importance of value-based care and ways to effectively use it in future practice in health care.

Cylaina Bird
Natasha Houshmand

Clinical Psychology Diversity Club

Founded in spring 2008, this group believes that diversity encompasses all of the features that make individual clients unique, including, but not limited to, race, gender, ethnicity, disability, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, and country of origin/regional location. We meet monthly to discuss diversity as it relates to the practice of clinical psychology. Discussions are based on relevant literature, clinical experience, and guest speakers from various organizations in the community. In addition, the Club aims to provide volunteer opportunities for underserved and underrepresented populations in the community and to compile resources for client referrals.

Hayden Mbroh
Dennis Burchette

Consulting Club

The Consulting Club aims to help students and trainees successfully navigate into management consulting, life science consulting, or other business-related careers.

Hema Manjunath
Animesh Mishra
Mihir Pendse

Diversity & Inclusion Alliance (DIA)

Founded in summer 2015, DIA is committed to enhancing the learning environment for future health care providers to better serve our diverse population and proactively engage differences among colleagues and patients.

Paul Parisot
Somtochi Okafor

Financial Literacy Organization 

Founded in spring 2019, the Financial Literacy Organization’s purpose is to bring together a community interested in personal finance and to promote financial literacy across campus. We also strive to educate health professionals in developing strong personal finance skills and to engage students in smart financial decision making while encouraging diverse conversations surrounding finance.

Eric Brighton
Kristie Pham Tu

Global Health Interest Group (GHIG)

GHIG aims to inspire the UTSW medical community to pursue global health with collaboration, mindfulness, and advocacy. We hope to educate students and faculty alike about global health issues and to promote a global attitude centered around service and research.

Louise Atadja
Cayenne Price

Global Surgery Student Alliance

Founded in fall 2018, we are a special interest group of students who unite to develop and mentor the future surgeons, anesthesiologists, and obstetricians of the world. Our goal is to provide timely and affordable access to surgical care to every person, everywhere in the world. We publicly advocate on behalf of the great need within the global surgery field, advance education and research about global surgery, and produce future generations of physicians trained to address the challenges of providing sustainable care in low-resource settings.

Micah Newton
Taylore King

Health Education Community Council

Founded in spring 2019, the mission of the Health Community Council is to empower the Dallas community to take charge of their health through education, health literacy, and personal coaching, while providing medical and health professions students clinical exposure needed to impact our community.

Jonathan Vachon
Aman Narayan

Healthcare in Underserved Communities Elective (HUG)

This elective aims to introduce UT Southwestern Medical Center students to the health care issues faced by underserved populations via direct immersion in the patient population. It focuses on understanding the demographics of underserved communities, recognizing the structural barriers to health care, introducing students to the needs of the uninsured, and learning about the resources available in the Dallas area to meet those needs.

Saisusheel Chilakapati
Rasika Reddy

Leaders in the Fight for Every Patient (LIFE)

Student Leaders in the Fight for Every Patient seeks to promote awareness of when life begins and naturally ends and to apply that understanding to the Hippocratic principle “do no harm” through educational meetings, thoughtful discussions, and community service. By valuing human life, we hope to become compassionate and honorable physicians. We believe that justice is served by acting in the interest of patients who may not be able to defend themselves and by evaluating our medical and social systems through the lens of respect for human life. We seek to demonstrate the beauty of this principle in a variety of contemporary issues and to explore its application in personal relationships and interactions with the community.

Christian Berry
Tyler Morwood

Lymph Notes

The Lymph Notes, a premier a cappella group at UT Southwestern, was founded in 2010. The group is composed of members of the UTSW community from all campuses, including medical students, graduate students, health professions students, postdocs, and more. The fun, friendly atmosphere offers a respite from the pressures of higher education while fostering a greater arts presence on campus. We are proud to perform at a variety of campus events, including Medical School interviews, the Multicultural Show, and department holiday parties. We also contribute to the greater Dallas community by performing at local hospitals. Come sing with the Lymph Notes and feed your musical passion!

Gabrielle Lessen
Rudy Fernandez-Criado

Medical Humanities Interest Group (MHIG)

The Medical Humanities Interest Group was founded in 2000 to promote student enjoyment of the humanities and to stimulate meaningful exploration of the humanities’ contribution to medicine. The humanities encompass a broad variety of disciplines, including philosophy, literature, the visual and performing arts, ethics, history, and religion. MHIG is by no means just for experts: It is for all students who, in addition to their interest in becoming competent physicians, enjoy discussing the broader questions of the human condition. MHIG also manages the yearly publication of Scope, UT Southwestern’s arts and humanities journal. Scope is an online literary magazine featuring writing and art created by the students, faculty, and staff of UT Southwestern. We hope the magazine serves as a vehicle for sharing and communicating experiences in medicine, from patient care to medical research, through an artistic lens. We seek quality works and wish to encourage creativity and an atmosphere of openness. We hope Scopewill promote more discussion, reflection, and sense of community at UT Southwestern.

Adelaide Kwon
Courtney Prestwood

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC)

Medical Students for Choice is dedicated to ensuring that women receive the full range of reproductive health care choices. MSFC recognizes that one of the greatest obstacles to safe and legal abortion is the absence of trained providers. We also work to encourage open-minded discussion about women’s issues and to encourage activism in government.

Priyanka Mehta
Haley Moore

Mental Health and Wellness Committee

Founded in summer 2018 the Mental Health and Wellness Committee is dedicated to promoting wellness, destigmatizing mental health, and increasing the accessibility of the Student Wellness and CounselingOffice. This organization is comprised of two subcommittees that each work on different aspects of mental health and wellness.

Shayna Ratner
Hai-Uyen Nguyen

Men’s Health Interest Group

Founded in fall 2015, the Men’s Health Interest Group is open to all students with an interest in men’s health. November is prostate and testicular cancer awareness month. To raise money for prostate cancer research on campus, the Men’s Health Interest Group organizes the Beard and Mane Auction. Gallant men grow their beards (or whatever Mother Nature has graced them with) during the month of November and subsequently auction off the right to shave the beard in artistic and magnificent designs.

Jacob Khoury
Thanos Rossopoulos

Mindfulness Student Association (MSA)

Founded in fall 2019, to provide opportunities for graduate students to learn about mindfulness, practice mindfulness together, and share information about the benefits of mindfulness with the larger school community.

Marielle Collins
Kylie Sligar

Neonatology Student Interest Group

Neonatology Student Interest Group (NSIG) strives to fulfill student interest in neonatology through enriching educational experiences, networking opportunities, and volunteer programs. Founded in summer 2015, the goal of our established volunteer program Helping Augment Neonatal Development (HANDs) is to offer our time and attention to babies in the Parkland NICU so that they can receive human touch and interaction to foster their growth and development.

Kaley Desher
Lauren Friedrich

Opioid, Pain, and Addiction Mission

Founded Fall 2019, OPAM’s mission is to facilitate buprenorphine training for medical students and faculty through the GetWaiveredTx initiative.

Benjamin Montanez
Alejandro Delatorre

Palliative Care Interest Group

Founded in spring 2011, the Palliative Care Interest Group is a student-run organization that aims to increase awareness of the issues related to end-of-life care and the practice of palliative medicine. Our mission is to provide direct experience, exposure, and participation in this field as a medical student, as well as to provide academic exposure through faculty contact.

Hunter Pyle
Khadijah Mazhar

Preventative and Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (PLMIG)

Founded in spring 2018, our student interest group open to all health professions, medical, and graduate students who seek to learn more about how lifestyle modifications can prevent, improve, or reverse our most common illnesses and causes of death. We will work to educate ourselves, understand relevant evidence-based research, and encourage a healthy lifestyle in areas of nutrition, fitness, wellness, and other areas so that we may help make progress toward a healthier society, more sustainable medical system, and world with less suffering.

Madeline Sparks
Ashley Phillips


PRIDE at UT Southwestern is an activist and social organization committed to empowering sexual and gender minority medical students and allies, increasing the number of physicians trained in LGBTQ-inclusive health care, and addressing the unique needs of LGBTQ+ communities through research, advocacy, and service.

Gabriele Slaughter
Cameron Ward

Pulmonary Critical Care Interest Group (PCCIG)

Founded in fall 2018, the goal of the PCCIG is to provide students with additional activities to garner a better understanding of the field of pulmonology and pulmonary critical care. We also provide students with opportunities to network with pulmonologists, gain research experience, have hands-on workshops, and experience pulmonology through shadowing.

Anthony Dao
Kathryn Jan

SAS (Sexuality Alliance for Scientists)

The SAS organization seeks to promote and serve the LGBTQ+ graduate students and postdoctoral scholars of UT Southwestern by providing a welcoming and safe environment. The SAS organization enhances awareness of the issues and situations the LGBTQ+ UTSW community encounters in the workplace. Furthermore, we serve the broader Dallas community as representatives of UTSW and its mission by participating in scientific outreach events and highlighting research performed at UTSW. We also participate in community outreach activities to promote the UTSW support of the LGBTQ+ community. We welcome all UTSW students and trainees to participate in our events.

Wesley Burford
Richard Rueda

Simulation Interest Group (SIG)

Founded in spring 2018, the purpose of this group is to provide medical students with opportunities and potential project ideas to explore and participate in current simulation projects, find faculty mentors, and/or start their own projects. This group is aimed at students potentially interested in simulation, medial education quality improvement, or procedural specialties, and who might be looking to get involved in any capacity.

Rutvi Patel
Muhammad Harirah

Southwestern Student Connection (SSC)

It is the goal of Southwestern Student Connection to increase interest among undergraduate students in the medical profession serving as a liaison between pre-health programs in the metroplex and UT Southwestern medical students. We pair medical students with local undergraduate students as peer mentors, attend student panels at local universities, and host yearly “Day at Southwestern” events bringing college students to campus to learn about our academic programs.

Paul Parisot
Jeffrey Wooliscroft

Spanish Interpreter Apprenticeship Program (SIAP)

Throughout hospitals and clinics in the United States, Spanish has become an essential tool for communicating with patients. In order to prepare students for effective communication with limited English proficiency (LEP) patients, SIAP aims to teach students about the profession of medical interpreting, including the skills, ethics, and cultural competencies needed to provide adequate interpreting services. Also, SIAP provides practical exercises to develop the vocabulary and interpreting skills (e.g., interpreting procedure, listening comprehension, note-taking, and accuracy) needed to break down linguistic barriers between physicians and patients. Lastly, we strive to cultivate cultural sensitivity among medical students.

Alejandro Delatorre
Alejandro Rodriguez

Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)

Founded in 2018, the Sports Medicine Interest Group provides medical students with an outlet to gain exposure to the field of sports medicine, connect with local sports medicine physicians, and increase awareness of sports medicine as a subspecialty. Our group provides opportunities for students to shadow sports medicine doctors on the sidelines, conduct sports physicals for high school and college athletes, and learn valuable hands-on skills.

Ami Kapadia
Sharon Huang

Student Initiatives in Medical Simulation

Founded in spring 2018, the purpose of this group is to educate students on the application of medical simulation and its importance in clinical practice, to implement classroom knowledge in hands-on, life-like critical care scenario, to learn to care for patients in unpredictable, emergent environments through interdisciplinary teamwork and effective communities.

Anthony Han
Benjamin Kroger

Student Patient Advocates for the Rights of our Communities (SPARC)

Founded in spring 2017, this group brings together students to facilitate discussions on issues that affect patients and provide avenues for advocacy. Join us as we strive to become the change we seek.

Stephen Haff
Kristie Pham Tu

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club seeks to promote awareness of recycling and reusability initiatives on campus and in the community. We will work with the administration to increase recycling efforts, reduce food-associated waste, and investigate opportunities to provide health care more sustainability.

Benjamin Bielberg
Aya Alame

V-Day Student Org

The V-Day Student Organization is part of the global campaign dedicated to raising awareness about gender violence through performing Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” and raising funds to support women. We also aim to provide a means of support, encouragement, advice, and friendship for women at UT Southwestern. The production of “The Vagina Monologues” has been in operation at UT Southwestern since 2015.

Samantha Johnson
Tara Lemens

Wilderness Medicine Society (WMS)

WMS’ purpose is to expose people to the wilderness, discuss medicine in low-resource and wilderness contexts, and provide an opportunity for students and faculty to interact outside the school environment. We are devoted to camping, hiking, and all things outdoors. We are open to all members of the UT Southwestern community regardless of academic program or career plans.

Bradley Upchurch
Micah Gamble

Women’s Health Enrichment Elective (WHEE)

The Women’s Health Enrichment Organization, founded in 2014, was established to provide an elective to prepare physicians in training to make informed decisions regarding patients that experience health issues linked to any women’s health related topics. This means we seek to fill any gaps in the established curriculum that are not discussed in detail. We further aim to emphasize patient informed consent, autonomy and safety in topics pertaining to women’s health, as well as physician information.

Deena Habazi
Caitlin Winebrenner