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Educational/Professional Organizations



AcademyHealth is a nationally recognized professional organization that represents health services researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners, and a leading, non-partisan resource for the best in health research and policy. The goal of AcademyHealth, and this student chapter, is to advance the understanding and commitment of students to improving healthcare through quality improvement, public health initiatives, and policy. We work with the office of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety to offer lunch talks, mentorship, electives, and project opportunities to help students work toward their goal of healthcare improvement.

Julia Shi
Eunice Huan

Alliance of Women Scientists (AWS)

Mission is to promote, support, and advocate for the advancement of women in science and medicine at UT Southwestern.

Carla Madrid
Ryan Anaya

American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)

Founded in 1931 as The Harvey Cushing Society, AANS is a scientific and educational association with more than 10,000 members worldwide. UT Southwestern's AANS chapter was started in fall 2013 to bring together students, faculty, and residents who were most interested in neurological surgery. Our AANS chapter is dedicated to facilitating students' exposure to the field of neurosurgery and building relationships among faculty, residents, and students through seminars, shadowing, and research opportunities.

Sruja Arya
Brooke Brady

American Chemical Society Graduate Student Organization

Founded in fall 2021, the mission of the American Chemical Society Graduate Student Organization (ACS GSO) at UT Southwestern is to improve the academic and professional development of all graduate students, while cultivating a sense of tolerance in our university's diverse community. In order to achieve this goal, we provide academic and professional resources through information sessions, panels discussion, seminars, networking events/conferences, and individualized mentoring. In addition, we promote chemistry throughout our local community through education and outreach efforts at local schools and community colleges. By making career and research opportunities more accessible and providing our members with educational outreach opportunities and career advancement resources, ACS GSO at UTSW positions our members to be leaders at the forefront of their respective fields.

Andrew Morrow
Max Balderas

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

With a half-century history of medical student activism, AMSA is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States. Today, AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. It is a group for medical students by medical students. We work to inform the campus of progressive topics in medicine that are not covered in classes, such as HIV, environmental issues, community outreach, and celebration of various cultures. You can become active through service projects like the Harm Reduction Initiative (an AOA-sponsored effort to teach IV drug users about safe practices) or through policy writing on the national level. There are several opportunities for leadership and support for projects. Organization is looking for leadership – currently inactive.

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

The American Medical Women's Association is a multispecialty organization that has served as a national platform for representing the voice and vision of women in medicine since 1915. The UT Southwestern chapter sponsors and organizes mentorship and networking opportunities with female physicians, as well as events that highlight women's health issues like domestic violence, breast cancer, and teen pregnancy. AMWA membership is open to all students and is dedicated to providing a sense of empowerment and community for its members.

Cindy Ngo
Medha Somisetty

American Muslim Women’s Physicians Association

The AMWPA UTSW chapter aims to promote networking, leadership, and mentorship among students pursuing a career in medicine through research opportunities, community service events, and preventive health campaigns. This chapter follows the mission of the American Muslim Women Physicians Association in improving the condition of women’s health, provide a platform for Muslim women in medicine, and raise the awareness of issues regarding community welfare.

Heba Zakaria
Faiza Sarwar

Anesthesiology Interest Group (ASIG)

The Anesthesiology Interest Group will provide students with a better understanding of the field of anesthesiology and pain management through interdisciplinary lectures, hands-on workshops, and coordination of the anesthesiology experience.

Chinaneukpere Emmaezeala
Emily Lachmann

Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training (ANST)

Founded in fall 2017, ANST is a national organization for students interested in the field of neuropsychology. This organization promotes three values: knowledge, community, and leadership. The ANST chapter at UT Southwestern focuses on knowledge through neuropsychology-related lectures and fact-finding seminars, community through outreach opportunities and social events, and leadership through opportunities to serve as ANST officers. We emphasize both adult and pediatric neuropsychology and welcome all students and faculty to our events.

Jessica Helphrey
Alyssa Kaser


Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

Founded in fall 2018, the Mission of this chapter shall be to promote and foster professional development of biomedical engineering students through organized study, research, community outreach, and social discussion of the fields of biomedical engineering – both with respect to academia and industry – as well as the dissemination of knowledge thereby gained. These goals shall be fostered by a vigorous association with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (the "Graduate School"), as well as with the Biomedical Engineering Program (the "Program") and Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Natalie Bell
Suzette Palmer

Biotechnology Club

Founded in summer 2018, the Biotechnology Club at UT Southwestern aims to connect and educate its members on careers and opportunities in biotechnology, while building a network that bridges the gap between academia and biotechnology sectors. The Biotech Club accomplishes this mission by hosting informational seminars, on-site visits of local biotech companies, networking events, and other activities that promote and support the goals.

Ryan Kowash
Maggie Wang

BIPOC Collective

Founded in spring, 2023 is a community of BIPOC women and gender diverse people of color. Our purpose is to provide a mentoring and networking space that honors the identities of this intersection between psychology students and psychology professionals. The focus is for our community to share their training and academic experiences in psychology. Our events have a purpose to connect students with peers and faculty members from our BIPOC women and gender-diverse psychology community at UT Southwestern. This is an opportunity to establish relationships with mentors/mentees/peers that can continue to develop throughout our psychology careers. All BIPOC women and gender-diverse students, faculty and post-docs within the UT Southwestern psychology division are invited to join our community and attend our events.

Adriana Cabrales
Deborah Shear

Black Postdoctoral Association at UT Southwestern

Founded in fall 2023, 0ne of the major impediments to the advancement of Black postdoctoral scientists within the UTSW community is isolation. Black postdocs are effectively siloed within their respective departments and centers throughout the UTSW community, highlighting a critical need to establish a network capable of unifying the talented pool of Black postdoctoral trainees and rectifying the poor retention and suboptimal career advancement. We aim to create a sustained, supportive, and robust professional community network. We intend for the UTSW Black Postdoctoral Association (BPA) to promote a sense of connectedness throughout the UTSW community. The BPA will provide a space for the exchange of information and opportunities that will enhance the social wellbeing, research advancement, and professional development of its members. While our mission is centered around addressing the needs of Black postdocs, we encourage people from all races and ethnic backgrounds to join in support of their fellow Black colleagues.

Edward Owusukwarteng
Melanie Rodriguez

Bone Marrow Failure (BMF) Research Group

The BMF research group aims to engage medical students and internal medicine residents at UTSW in research activities by organizing a group and facilitating regular biweekly research project meetings. Additionally, they plan to hold monthly research project presentation meetings. These gatherings will serve as a platform for medical students to present their data, receive valuable feedback, and enhance their research for potential submissions to national and international conferences. The group will also encourage students to apply for trainee level grants and provide support in preparing manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications. Furthermore, the group intends to invite external collaborators to these meetings, creating opportunities for broader discussions and exposing students to a diverse range of research topics. The ultimate goal of these collaborations is to inspire and empower the upcoming generation of hematologists while simultaneously addressing the shortage of bone marrow failure providers.

Munevver Duran
Christine Ejiofor

Building Resilience in Medicine

This organization is affiliated with the Building Resilience in Medicine and Preventing Burnout elective, which will be offered in Fall 2023. The elective aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to incorporate emotional wellness and resilience in their lives and careers. We hope to create a space where students feel comfortable participating in activities and exploring topics related to wellness and resilience.

Faiza Sarwar
Amal Syed


Cardiology Interest Group (CIG)

Founded in fall 2009, CIG increases awareness and education in the field of cardiology. Through our activities, we also hope to spread health knowledge about cardiology to the community at large. We provide a platform that equips students with opportunities to network with cardiologists, gain experience through clinical and scientific research, and participate in conferences and symposiums. CIG also provides opportunities for facility mentorship.

Lucas Zeidahaar
Alexander Goff

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Interest Group

The Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Interest Group aims to educate medical students about the exciting field of thoracic surgery and provide opportunities for research and mentorship. The organization will host lunch talks, panels, and skills training throughout the academic year.

Carolyn Kim
Vraj Shaw

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Dermatology Interest Group (DIG)

Founded in spring 2003, the Dermatology Interest Group provides accurate information regarding dermatology residency programs and careers in dermatology with a goal to optimize interactions between medical students and the faculty. Our group works to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences related to education, research, and patient service in dermatology.

Ariel Brown
Thao Lam


Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) is open to all medical students, particularly those with an interest in emergency medicine. The goal of the group is to expose students to the field of emergency medicine early in their education and encourage exploration of the field. Lunch time speakers include various influential faculty from the surrounding area to discuss emergency medicine topics. Pending social distancing requirements, group sponsored activities may include an array of clinical skills clinics like the cadaver clinic, suture clinic, airway management, and ultrasound technique. We organize community outreach programs to teach basic life-saving skills, promote vaccinations in our community, and arrange shadowing shifts in the emergency department at Parkland and Dallas Children's.

Chlifton Peterson
Brooke Wilson

Endocrinology Student Interest Group

Founded in spring 2024, the mission of the Endocrinology Student Interest Group is to provide medical students opportunities to engage in the field of endocrinology through exposure to physicians in the field, simulation of procedures completed by endocrinologists, and service opportunities to interact with and provide for our community.

Naveed Khimani
Fredy Lopez


Family Medicine Student Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group at UT Southwestern strives to be the leading student force of innovation, education, and betterment at our school and within our communities through leadership in primary care education, exposure to family medicine, community outreach, and unification of subspecialty interest groups for the ultimate goal of better health care in the world.

Priyanka Kadari
Chihyo lin

Future Residents of Obstetrics & Gynecology (FROGS)

The Future Residents of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FROGS) is an organization designed to bring together medical students interested in Ob/Gyn with residents and faculty through mentorship, education, and service. We also collaborate with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and other groups to promote the growth of the Ob/Gyn field in Texas.

Chinmayee Venkatraman
Zureyet Sola-Odeseye

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Gastroenterology Interest Group

Founded in fall 2022, the Gastroenterology Interest Group hopes to engage fellow medical students in exploring careers in internal medicine, as well as gastroenterology and hepatology. We provide case studies with UTSW faculty, shadowing opportunities, and a chance to engage with faculty about their clinical practice, research interests, and general lives as gastroenterologists.

Aparajith Kannapiran
Allen Li

Geriatrics Interest Group (GIG)

The Geriatrics Interest Group is an organization focused on health issues facing the older adult population. Being confident in communicating with and evaluating older adult patients is key in providing optimal care in almost every specialty. GIG is clinically focused with monthly case discussions, volunteering opportunities, and shadowing experiences. The monthly meetings are led by a knowledgeable geriatrician who guides the group on applying the relevant topics in our medial school curriculum to everyday practice.

Sonia Chen
Nhi Pham


Infectious Disease Interest Group (IDIG)

The Infectious Disease Interest Group founded in spring 2014 aims to increase students' exposure and knowledge of the infectious disease subspecialty through lunchtime presentations on various topics related to the field and interactions with infectious disease specialists through shadowing opportunities. We strive to raise awareness about infectious disease management within every specialty and within global health.

Alec Mason
Miranda Hairgrove

Interprofessional Student Collaborative (ISC)

(Formerly known as Interprofessional Leadership Committee) Our mission is to integrate health care professional students from all area programs in both social and professional settings, to coordinate events for all students to be involved, and to represent each individual program that disperses information from different groups to each program. We aspire to form interprofessional networks and teams in the educational setting to better understand each interprofessional role to provide the best care to our future patients.

Kailee Furtado
Mehvish Khan


John Paul North Society

Serving as the official organization for physician assistant (PA) students, the John Paul North Society promotes academic achievement and clinical excellence and champions PAs as members of the health care team. In all aspects of its function, the Society pursues integrity, equality, dignity, and competence for the physician assistant as a health care provider. Through education and interaction with our community, we promote the role and contribution of PAs in the 21st century.

Lee Davis
Shelby Gayre

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Medical Genetics Interest Group (MGIG)

Founded in fall 2013, the Medical Genetics Interest Group is a student-run organization dedicated to providing UT Southwestern students (medical, graduate, etc.) of all interests with a better understanding of medical genetics, a burgeoning field with participation from many different parties, including M.D.s and Ph.D.s. MGIG hopes to expose students to the exciting opportunities available to them within medical genetics by presenting talks and events featuring leaders in the field. In this manner, members will have the opportunity to form long-lasting relationships with other students and faculty with an interest in genetics. All students are welcome to join MGIG, no matter what level of training or specialty they have decided to pursue. Genetics is an exponentially growing field that is rapidly becoming important in medicine, and we support all those who are interested in participating.

Dileep Karri
Milan Ho

Medicine/Pediatrics Student Interest Group (MPSIG)

The goal of the MPSIG, founded in spring 2014, is to increase awareness of combined internal medicine/pediatrics training and career opportunities in the local community, to create educational sessions to build medical students' knowledge and skills in areas particularly relevant to medicine/pediatrics, and to provide a support system for those considering careers in combined internal medicine/pediatrics.

Tyler Zapata
Ruchita Iyer


Oncology-Hematology Medical Society (OHMS)

Founded in spring 2011, OHMS seeks to increase student knowledge of and exposure to the field of hematology-oncology in adult and pediatric patients through clinically and research-oriented talks by faculty and practicing physicians. The society also coordinates opportunities to gain experience by shadowing and interacting with patients.

Stevany Saxon-Filipe
Remington Hoyer

Ophthalmology Student Interest Group (OphthoSIG)

Founded in fall 2010, OphthoSIG is a group of students who are interested in ophthalmology and seek to provide opportunities for engaging in the specialty through clinical experiences, research, and community service.

Tyler Durham

Organization of Student Representatives at UT Southwestern (OSR)

The OSR is the student branch of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The OSR is charged with the representation of the U.S. undergraduate medical student body to the academic medicine community; the OSR's constituency comprises all medical students. The OSR provides medical students with an active role in achieving AAMC's mission to improve the nation's health through the advancement of academic medicine. Additionally, the OSR seeks to ensure that students actively participate in directing their educations, preserving their rights, and delineating their professional responsibilities. To this end the OSR provides medical students with a voice in academic medicine at a national level and strives to foster student involvement and awareness in this area at a local level.

Sebastian Enrico
Joshua Choe

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG)

Formed in spring 2004, OSIG promotes interest in orthopedic surgery by helping students gain exposure to the field through guest speakers, workshops, student panels, research opportunities, and shadowing.

Joonoh Lee
Elias Nasser

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Interest Group (OHNSIG)

Founded in fall 2011, the OHNSIG is a student-run organization aimed at providing guidance and information for students interested in pursuing a career in otolaryngology. A variety of meetings are held throughout the year to discuss practical information about applying to residency, opportunities in subspecialty training, and a perspective on private versus academic practice. Hands-on clinics and interactive discussion groups promote clinical knowledge and application of physical exam skills, radiology interpretation, and patient management. Student and resident panels provide discussion about selected topics, including research opportunities, the match process, and residency information. The group also aims to serve as a point of contact between students and faculty members by facilitating mentorship and shadowing opportunities.

Matthew Aschenbrenner
Alejandra Nitsch

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Paul Quinn Primary Care Project

Mayowa Oturoko
Brianna Daphnis

Pathology Society

Founded in 2009, the Pathology Society's goal is to further medical student involvement in the diverse and interesting world of pathology. The Pathology Society provides information about residency programs and careers in pathology, introduce students to various subspecialties, and encourage interaction between medical students, residents, and in the UT Southwestern community.

Anthony Zhang
Jared Neeley

Pediatrics Interest Group (PIG)

A special interest group founded in 1997, PIG seeks to promote an interest in pediatrics among medical students through engaging monthly presentations and discussions on relevant pediatric topics by current pediatricians in the area. We continue to promote pediatric research, the summer preceptorship programs in pediatrics, and other opportunities available to students.

Alexa Vielledent
Emily Oh

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Student Interest Group (PM&R SIG)

PM&R SIG is a student organization affiliated with the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation dedicated to the following goals: to raise awareness of PM&R's role in patient care; to educate the medical student population on PM&R topics; to create opportunities for student participation in PM&R activities; and to serve as a resource for students interested in pursuing PM&R.

Jordan Kenfack
Christopher McLeod

Physical Therapy Association (PTA)

The Physical Therapy Association is an organization dedicated to upholding the American Physical Therapy Association's core values through education seminars and outreach projects. Our goal is to promote the professional growth and development of UT Southwestern physical therapy students in order to prepare them for future responsibilities within the profession.

Kayla Brand
Manual Malvaez

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group (PRSIG)

The PRSIG was established in spring 2010 to provide a resource where all interested students may explore the diverse fields present within plastic and reconstructive surgery. This student-run organization holds numerous activities throughout the year, including an open house, suture clinics, resident panels, and lectures from leaders in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. We hope our organization will enable students to further pursue their interest in PRS while learning more about the groundbreaking work being done here at UT Southwestern.

Brandon Bruce
Erika Ren

Prosthetics and Orthotics Program

It is our mission to create an environment conducive to learning in a clinical and ethical context in order to educate our students in the areas of patient care, leadership, communication and research. Additionally, it is our mission to update the local medical community with current prosthetic and orthotic technology and techniques.

Alison Klein
Adlai Gomez

Psychiatry Student Interest Group (Psych SIG)

The UT Southwestern Medical School Psychiatry Club was formed in 1981. PsychSIG aims to build awareness about the discipline of psychiatry among medical students at UT Southwestern. We provide information about careers in psychiatry, introduce students to subfields within psychiatry, provide discussions and presentations on relevant topics in psychiatry, and help medical students make connections with both faculty and residents. We want to increase the awareness of the vibrancy and excitement of a career or an interest in psychiatry.

Vivik Mathesh
Rohini Kallianpur

Psychology Student Research Committee (SRC)

Established in fall 2017, the Psychology SRC is a student-run organization that aims to enrich students' research experiences by providing resources to facilitate research, offering didactic opportunities, and broadening research collaborations through a team-based science approach.

Jessica Helphrey
Rebecca Wildman

Public Health Interest Group

Founded in spring 2023 the Public Health Interest Group at UT Southwestern provides students with opportunities to learn more about careers in public health and to connect students with opportunities in research and community health work. Topics that are explored by the group include, but are not limited to epidemiology, environmental health, biostatistics, health policy, and social determinants of health. Our group will organize guest speakers, panels, volunteer events and research opportunities for students interested in public health.

Mishel Malik
Mohit Gupta

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Radiation Oncology Student Interest Group (ROSIG)

Established in spring 2010 to expose UT Southwestern medical students to the field of radiation oncology, the organization offers shadowing opportunities, lunch lectures, and research development in the Department of Radiation Oncology. We strive to guide students' interest in the field.

Ethan Wang
Mahad Rehman

Radiology Interest Group (RIG)

Founded in 2005, RIG provides a first look into radiology through lectures, panels, and interactive discussions with residents and radiologists. Members are provided with exposure to the various fields of radiology and receive mentorship to support their journey towards becoming radiologists.

Karim Salhadar
Luke Altnether


Seldin Society for Internal Medicine (SSIM)

The Seldin Society for Internal Medicine is an organization that brings together students interested in internal medicine and the medical subspecialties. Our goal is to provide students with the resources and opportunities they need to build long-lasting relationships with other students and faculty within this field of medicine. With that goal in mind, we organize a number of annual professional forums, as well as formal and informal social events. For example, each year we hold Boxed Lunch Socials where we bring faculty from a wide variety of medical specialties to hold small group discussions with students in an informal setting. Another popular event we host every year is the Residency Panel where we invite residency directors from the Dallas area. Membership is open to all UT Southwestern students. Applications to general-tier leadership positions will be available in the beginning of each academic year.

Abel Thomas
Abrar Mamun

Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND)

SAND is a professional student organization dedicated to promoting nutrition and healthy living throughout the UT Southwestern campus and community; developing both professional and educational relationships among faculty, students, local health professionals, and the clinical nutrition student body; and echoing the mission and vision of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to provide evidence-based recommendations.

Hannah Eboagu
Brooke Evans

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

Founded at UT Southwestern in the fall 1999, this student group is sponsored by the American Academy of Neurology and the UTSW Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics. The group provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with the field of neuroscience (neurology, neurosurgery, and neuropsychiatry) early in medical school. The group typically holds monthly noon meetings where guest faculty and residents share their interests and experiences. In addition, the group participates in community volunteer activities and facilitates faculty shadowing and research programs.

Mallory Wong
Sameer Rajesh


Teaching and Science Communication Club (TaSC)

Founded in Spring 2014 and updated in 2023, Teaching and Science Communication (TaSC) Club provides a link for trainees to acquire and advance their skills in communication, engagement, and education with diverse audiences. Our mission is focused on improving training in scientific communication and education, providing career development opportunities by serving our community through skill-based workshops and scientific outreach.

Payton Reynolds
Matthew Amato

Texas Medical Association/American Medical Association (TMA/AMA)

The Texas Medical Association and the American Medical Association are two of the most influential and impactful professional organizations of physicians and medical students dedicated to addressing issues in all aspects of medicine, including patients' rights, collective bargaining for physicians, and the continual improvement of health care and related sectors. The UT Southwestern Chapter of the TMA/AMA actively authors resolutions to effect changes in state and U.S. policy, designs community outreach as a driver of policy formulation, and contributes to local, state, and national advocacy campaigns to bolster the political education of medical students. Through TMA/AMA, students can and have made a difference in physicians' and patients' day-to-day lives. As members, students have an enormous outlet to engage in advocacy, political education, and grassroots political action; opportunities for leadership at the local, state, and national levels; and chances to work with some of the most influential thought leaders in the field of medicine today.

Parker Davis
Afeefah Khazi-Syed

Texas Taiwanese Biotechnology Association, UTSW Chapter (TBBA)

Despite a large Taiwanese population in biology-related fields in Texas, there is a lack of professional organizations. Therefore, a vibrant group of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers from UT Southwestern, Baylor College of Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT Health Science Center at Houston, Rice University, UT Austin, and Texas A&M University established the Texas Taiwanese Biotechnology Association in 2014. The mission of the UT Southwestern Chapter of TTBA is to facilitate intellectual conversation and networking among young Taiwanese biomedical scientists and foster their career development. Through TTBA, we seek to unite young Taiwanese biomedical scientists in Texas. We then are able to voice for ourselves, build up new connections, and share science news and job information. In addition, successful predecessors are capable of exchanging experience with each other and passing down practical knowledge to our members. We hope to promote practicable collaboration by bridging the gap within academia and between academia and industry and contribute to enterprise development.

Chih-Wei Zeng
Yun-Chieh Sung

Trauma Surgery Students Society (TS3)

Founded in fall 2010, TS3 encourages students interested in trauma surgery and related disciplines by exposing them to the continuum of care for the acutely injured patient. We work to advance member interest through facilitating participation in research, shadowing, and volunteer activities within trauma surgery and related disciplines.

Kimberly Sladek
Christine Johansen

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Urology Student Interest Group

Founded in spring 2011, the Urology Student Interest Group is open to all students with an interest in the field of Urology. The organization functions to provide students interested in this unique and dynamic field with opportunities for extracurricular exposure to Urology. During the year, the group organizes presentations from the UTSW's distinguished faculty, plans resident panels, and provide members with clinical and surgical shadowing opportunities with faculty and residents. In addition, the group helps to facilitate interaction between faculty and students through mentoring programs to coordinate research opportunities.

Sara Papp
Phillilp Taboada


Wilson Surgical Society (WSS)

The Wilson Surgical Society, named after an early Chairman of the Department of Surgery, was founded in 1994. The Society functions to provide students interested in general surgery and the surgical subspecialties with more insight and information regarding the field of surgery. Activities organized by the Wilson Surgical Society include meetings, practical skills training, and mentoring programs. The Wilson Surgical Society is open to all those interested in general surgery and the surgical subspecialties as well as individuals who would simply like to receive more information about the field of surgery and learn some basic surgical skills.

Kaustubh Gobal
Alea Zone

Women in Orthopedic Surgery

Founded in spring 2024 as a chapter of the Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society. We aim to provide the professional development of women in orthopedics throughout all stages of their medical school careers.

Brooke Boisvert
Sai Movva

Women in Science and Medicine Advisory Committee - Student Representation (WISMAC)

WISMAC is a UT Southwestern Medical Center institutional standing committee composed of appointed representatives of the faculty, administration, fellows, and student body. WISMAC provides advice and initiatives on issues related to women in science and medicine, with the ultimate goal to improve UT Southwestern for everyone.

Abhi Deverakonda
Munevver Duran

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