Social Organizations

Craft Brewing Club

Founded in spring 2020, the club helps to form a sense of camaraderie among students to get together after test and quizzes, to relax, brew, and enjoy some drinks as we make our way through the semester. Who knows – a brew contest could be in our future as well as visiting local breweries for socials.

Esteban Zapata Nunez
Henry Patrick

FOCUS – Clinical Psychology Student Organization

The Faculty and Student Organization of Clinical Psychology was established in fall 2006 to promote student and faculty collaboration and camaraderie through community service, fellowship, and alumni outreach.

Alexandra Moorehead
Ashlyn Parides

Heartstrings Orchestra

The Heartstrings was formed to provide a musical outlet for instrumentalists. Although this is a contemporary, pop music-oriented string orchestra, classical repertoire is explored as well. We perform for school-wide events such as multicultural weekend and have exciting collaborations with the Lymph Notes and other organizations.

Aaron Hong
Jenny Kim
Jonathan Vachon

M-Cats Jazz Group

To provide a venue for the musical expression of ideas and feelings in an organized and non-judgmental environment. The M-Cats jazz group is open to all Students and Staff. All skill levels are welcome.

Austin Moore
Rudy Rodriguez


The Note-o-chords represents a network of musicians of all types in the UT Southwestern community. Our goal is to facilitate organization of recreational musical groups as well as public performances on campus and elsewhere. In the academic year 2014-2015 members performed at the MS1 Anatomy Vigil, Clements University Hospital opening events, the St. Basil Catholic Society Annual Winter Concert, and Celebration of Cultures (Mariachi and Tango groups). Members have also organized small groups, including multiple chamber groups and a popular music group. We hope to expand performance and musical service opportunities, and we encourage musicians on campus to contact us with their ideas.

Sydney Pinch
Jacob Khoury

Pondering PowerPoints

Founded in fall 2020, Pondering PowerPoints is a club formed to cultivate presentation skills to peers in a fun and encouraging environment. Presentations will be held once every other week by a peer in the club. The topic of the presentation is completely up to the presenter, but we ask that it is NOT medical. By exposing our peers to topics outside of medicine, we hope to foster more well rounded physicians. Questions after the presentation are encouraged.

Hannah Ramsaywak
Claire Bonnyman

Southwestern Life Support

Southwestern Life is a support organization for the spouses, significant others, and families of UT Southwestern students and is sponsored by the Faculty Women’s Auxiliary. The club sponsors several social activities throughout the year. Our main objective is to provide the social support and camaraderie that can be so beneficial during these years of training.

Jaylen Bohman
Anne Marie Strauss