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Recreational Organizations

8 Ball Pool Interest Group

Founded in fall 2023, the 8 Ball Pool Interest Group is designed to bring those with an interest in pool, regardless of skill level together with having a relaxing time away from school while fostering new friendships.

Juan Castellaneos
Isabela Anawate

Badminton Club

The club is a student organization dedicated to promoting the sport of badminton, developing members' skills, and providing a competitive and fun playing environment. We welcome students, faculty, and staff players of all skill levels. The goal of the club is to bring together all badminton players at UT Southwestern by offering a healthy environment for competitive badminton and to clear the misconception of badminton as a typical “American backyard game.” Our club meets 4-8 p.m. Saturdays at the Student Center.

Fei Wang
Xiaochen Bai

Bike Club

The club organizes bicycle rides around Dallas for students, staff, and faculty who are interested in biking. All types of riders are welcome. Members are encouraged to participate in local rides (e.g.,Tour de Dallas). The club promotes biking as a means to exercise, stay active, and even as a mode of transportation.

Zach Marin

Board Game Club

Founded in spring 2023, this club is designed to create a place for students and others at UTSW to learn and play board games, both in-person and online. We hold game nights as well as host ongoing asynchronous (turn-based) games online to be played at your leisure. Whether you are a game enthusiast or you have just dabbled with games like Catan or 7 Wonders, this will be a great place to have fun, improve strategy skills, and learn new games.

Brenden Garrett
Christian Hernandez-Zegada

Chess Club

TThe Chess Club's mission is to foster a community of UT Southwestern students, faculty, and staff who enjoy playing and improving at chess. We hope to attract players of all skill levels to enjoy and learn more about the eh games. Beginners and experts alkie are welcome. We aim to participate in both in-person over the board chess, as well as virtual chess as our member's desire.

Jared Neeley
Blaine Oldham

Climbing Club

The mission of the Climbing Club is to foster a community of students, staff, and faculty who are interested in rock climbing and the outdoors. We aim to support and motivate climbers of all skill levels through climbing sessions at local gyms and outdoors, and plan to host talks and workshops that integrate climbing and health. Our club welcomes people of any race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and eligible age or disability status. We hope to provide a fun environment to meet new people and learn about the world of climbing!

Joonoh Lee
Arya Nekovei

Court Club

The goal of the Court Club is to offer opportunities for members of the UTSW community to play tennis together. We organize weekly meetings for members to rally, do drills, or play matches. All skill levels are welcome!

Ishav Shukla

Crafting Club

Founded in spring 2023, the Crafting Club is a club dedicated to bringing crafters together. We welcome any form of crafting, and we are excited to create some projects together.

Melanie Lopez
Harini Balakrishnan

Garden Club

Founded in summer 2023, the purpose of this organization is to share our love of plants and gardening with the UTSW community and volunteer with local community gardens.

Jennifer Foster
Kenneth Zhu

Dartos Soccer Club

Dartos is the men's soccer team at UT Southwestern. In the fall and spring, we play in the Dallas Soccer Alliance League. Commitment is limited to weekly games on Sunday mornings and afternoons. In the off season we play indoor (sometimes). The team comprises fun-loving and competitive students. Please reach out to team representatives to try-out for a spot on the team.

Angel Valencia
Rafael Desouza

Latin Dance Club

Latin Dance Club is a student organization that aims to promote health and wellness through the art of dance. Our instructors will hold open classes twice a month to teach the UTSW community the basics to Latin dance styles such as salsa, bachata, and merengue. All levels are welcome. We hope to provide a fun and relaxed environment where you can interact with fellow students and develop your dancing skills.

Autumn Greenfield
Jawaher Azam

Mountain Bike Club

Founded in spring 2021, the goal of this organization is to connect people at UT Southwestern who love to mountain bike and get together and ride on trails around DFW.

Grant Tucker
Gabriel Andino

Southwestern Disc Golf

Founded in spring 2023, the mission of the Disc Golf Club is to bring students together in a casual dis golf league where our focus is community and improvement of the sport.

Kevin Salinas
Rahul Sharma

Southwestern Fitness Club

The Southwestern Fitness Club aims to familiarize UTSW students, faculty, and affiliated members with weight training; we are especially hoping to reach women! The club will have weekly, peer-led sessions and will focus on teaching proper form, setting up and using gym equipment, ways to structure workouts based on your goals, and getting comfortable in the gym. Weight training has many health benefits but can be intimidating without prior experience, so come learn with us!

Kristine Yang
Roger Liang

Southwestern Run Club

Re-established in fall 2022, the mission of the Southwestern Run Club is to foster a fun, safe, and healthy environment for runners of all backgrounds and abilities. Our club welcomes students, residents, faculty, and staff.  We do social runs and provide a conduit to connect with other runners training for races.

William Kariampuuzha
Benjamin Popokh


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art known for its rapid kicking techniques and is one of the most popular martial arts in the world, spanning over 100 countries with more than 30 million practitioners. At UT Southwestern, classes are held every week in the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center's multipurpose room, and beginners are more than encouraged to join. No prior martial arts experience is needed. Our classes are great opportunities to get a good workout and meet new people. Safety will always take priority, and you are always welcome to just come and watch.

Currently Inactive  

Volleyball Club

The mission of the Volleyball Club is to join UTSW together to organize weekly competitions, practice skills of the game, and have fun!

Benjamin Conover
Eric Chen

Wimbledon Pickleball Club

Wimbledon Pickleball Club aims to bring together UTSW students, residents, and faculty interested in the pickleball community. By so doing we hope to provide UTSW the opportunity to connect with not just a new sport, but a new frontier. A frontier that requires the perfect blend of strategy, hand-eye coordination, and a competitive fire that rages within. Join today!

Shyon Parsa
Jeffrey Chapman