Service Organizations

Agape Multidisciplinary Clinic

Agape Primary Care Clinic is a student-run evening clinic at Agape Clinic in East Dallas. The charity clinic has been established for almost 40 years and opens its facilities for UT Southwestern students and faculty to use during specified afternoon and evening hours. Monthly, on weekday nights, we serve both primary care and specialist needs, which include endocrinology, pediatrics, and ENT. Students have the opportunity to practice their physical exam skills and bedside manner, as well as interact with patients, health profession students, and UTSW physicians.

Malvika Govil
Heejo Keum

Agape Musculoskeletal Specialty Clinic

Founded in spring 2019, Agape Musculoskeletal Specialty Clinic is a student –run night clinic at Agape Clinic in east Dallas, mentored by Dr. Joel Wells of UT Southwestern Orthopedic Surgery. The Agape Clinic is a charity clinic that has been established for almost 40 years and has opened their facilities for use by UT Southwestern students and faculty. Once a month, we provide specialty care for those patients with musculoskeletal complaints.

I-Chun Lin
Jason Lin

Brown Bag Initiative (BBI)

The Brown Bag Initiative is an organization created with the purpose of preparing and distributing brown bags full of helpful toiletries to the Dallas homeless population. Our goal is to serve the homeless population’s immediate needs as they begin the process of rehabilitation and assimilation into larger society. We collect toiletries in donation boxes throughout the year, and donate assembled brown bags to Union Gospel Mission shelters.

Alice Gao
Christine Yuan

Dallas Children’s Advocacy Group (DCAG)

Founded in fall 2017, DCAG’s main objective is to work with the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) in order to help children who have faced physical and sexual abuse in the DFW area. Through our affiliation with the Referral and Evaluation of At Risk Children – Children's Health (REACH) clinic at Children’s Medical Center we hope to provide early exposure to future physicians to the medical, legal, and psychological aspects of child abuse and ample opportunities for volunteering, shadowing, and research.

Karlyn Tunnell
Will Wood

DFW Hep B Free Project

In its fifth year of existence and provision of services to Asian-Americans, the Dallas-Fort Worth Hepatitis B Free Project aims to increase hepatitis B virus (HBV) awareness and knowledge and to reduce perinatal transmission and the prevalence of undiagnosed chronic HBV infection, susceptibility, and stigma associated with diagnosis among Asian/Pacific Islander (API) adults in the DFW Metroplex through education, free screenings, rigorous follow-up, and provision of treatment resources in multiple counties.

Whitney Stuard
Anthony Dao

Free Clinic Committee

Founded in fall 2015, the Free Clinic Committee collaborates with the different student-run clinics at UT Southwestern to improve the efficiency and quality of the care they provide.

Akshat Patel
Tri Pham

Future Doctors Pipeline Program

The program is dedicated to bringing health care professionals to elementary students who come from backgrounds that are underrepresented in medicine. We hope to inspire and educate the next generation of physician community leaders.

Daniel Galvan
Amanda Trevino

Global Health Trip – PA Class of 2021

The organization’s objective is to provide a service learning opportunity for our Physician Assistant class to Guatemala during spring break.

Nawal Joulani
Rebeccah Sewell

Healthy Living

In collaboration with United to Serve, Healthy Living is a student-run organization that strives to educate students about physical and mental well-being, help them understand effective strategies for caring for themselves and for others, and promote a healthier future for their communities. Volunteers have the opportunity to host small-group sessions at local middle and high schools to talk with students about nutrition, exercise, drugs, and mental health. Healthy Living has previously collaborated with TJ Rusk Middle School, Roosevelt High School, as well as the UT Southwestern STARS program on campus.

Josh Peedikayil
Malvika Govil

Immunization Initiative at NDSM (II)

Founded in fall 2012, II is dedicated to promoting immunization and providing immunization services to the underserved through partnership with North Dallas Shared Ministries (NDSM).

Ashika Angirekula
Chideraa Nwafor


Long gone are the days of learning in a physical classroom for many students. Although convenient, distance learning poses unique challenges for intrinsically bright students that may make it difficult to stay motivated and on track to appropriately master class material. Learn4Free is a pro bono tutoring service that matches expert tutors with underprivileged middle school and high school students. The organization was founded in fall 2020 with a vision that a student’s academic success should not be a product of socioeconomic status but rather that of hard work and individual talent.

Mir Ali

Lumin Education Project

Founded in fall 2018, the purpose of Lumin Education service organization is to teach children at Lumin Montessori schools fitness and nutrition. The goal is to facilitate healthy habits and improve long-term health.

Nathan Liddle
Aparna Panatpur

Mano a Mano: Dominican Republic Service Trip

Mano a Mano (Hand in Hand) is a student organization dedicated to improving the health care of communities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We send students on a spring break mission trip with our host organization, Foundation for Peace. Working in mobile clinics, students examine and present patients to supervising physicians. The students enhance their skills of history taking, SOAP note style presentations, and performing full physicals. They also get a chance to experience the ways of a culture different from ours and are exposed to medical conditions they might not have the opportunity to encounter in the United States. During the year, the organization raises funds for the trip by hosting the Mr. and Ms. UT Southwestern Pageant.

Jonathan Vachon
Cayenne Price

Medical Students HELP

Founded in fall 2020, our goal is to help better equip medical students to effectively care for older adults while also directly improving the quality of care for our hospitalized patients. Medical Students HELP will implement portions of the national Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) protocols for delirium prevention. Our direct volunteer interventions will help contribute to reduced cognitive and physical decline, as well as improve overall wellbeing of hospitalized elderly adults. Volunteers will provide social companionship, orientation, cognitive stimulation, feeding assistance, and encouragement of oral fluid repletion. We seek to expand other aspects of the HELP program, contribute to quality improvement, and host interactive student workshops as our volunteer team grows.

Christopher Joshi
MariaValentina Harmjanz

Monday Clinic

The mission of the Monday Clinic is to provide high-quality, free medical care to the underserved population of North Dallas regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or ability to pay; to provide an interactive learning environment for medical students, thereby allowing them to develop clinical, organizational, and leadership skills; to instill in students a lifelong commitment of service to the community and others in need; and to introduce medical students to the needs of the uninsured.

Robert Trevino
Esteban Zapata Nunez

Once Upon a Tune

Founded in summer 2018, Once Upon a Tune is a service-orientated, student-run organization made up of UT Southwestern students whose mission is to bring some fun and joy into the lives of sick children in local hospitals. We sing Disney songs in playrooms to put a smile on their faces. We hope to transport the children to a magical place to help them forget they are in the hospital.

Elly Kolitz

Patient Accompaniment Initiative

The Patient Accompaniment Initiative (PAI) program provides in-hospital visits to patients identified by the Palliative Care service. Students from the UT Southwestern Medical School and School of Health Professions are able to participate in bedside visits. PAI currently serves patients at Parkland Memorial Hospital and William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. These visits are designed to provide psychosocial support to patients with prolonged hospitalization or other risk factors. Visits are focused on developing a social bond with patients via conversation, reading, or shared activities such as board games, music, and memory-making projects. PAI also connects students who wish to assist with Art and Legacy projects or Bereavement Calls through the Palliative Care and Chaplain’s Office respectively.

Kaley Desher
Patrick Lynch
Zoe Tao
Kendra Maple

Patient Navigator Program (PNP) for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Founded in summer 2020, PNP is an interdisciplinary service organization providing individualized social support to patients experiencing homelessness. Student teams follow a caseload of patients from Center of Hope throughout the year, whom they will assist in accessing care and navigating the local health care system long-term. Students also offer short-term assistance to patients who receive referrals from Calvert Place, and ensure that these patients are linked into their follow-up care. In order to join the PNP team, students must complete the prerequisite enrichment elective course Patient Navigation for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness.

Alison Liu
Umaru Barrie

Paul Quinn Primary Care Project (PQP)

Founded in spring 2021 to improve the health and well-being of students attending Paul Quinn College. Our Mission is to implement a series of educational sessions on healthcare and access to healthcare topics. We also hope to identify health care needs of students through a need’s assessment survey.

Ashley Young
Umaru Barrie

Refuge Guatemala

Founded in summer 2012, Refuge Guatemala is a student organization dedicated to providing health care to the population of rural Guatemala that would otherwise find it inaccessible or unaffordable. The organization sends a team of students and faculty on a spring break trip to work in a small, understaffed Guatemalan hospital. The team works along with hospital staff to perform surgeries and provide care in a clinical setting to the local indigent population. In addition to receiving invaluable medical experience and exposure to the local Hispanic and Mayan cultures, participating students hopefully have their eyes opened to the joys of international medical service.

Joel Rodriguez
Alana Carrasco

Smoking Cessation Clinic at UGM

UGM Smoking Cessation Clinic is a weekly volunteer opportunity at UGM Calvert Place (men’s shelter) and/or Center of Hope (women’s shelter) that involves leading health-topic discussions, 1:1 cessation coaching, and nicotine replacement distribution for clients. Our organization is dedicated to helping members of transient community learn about health consequences of smoking and to helping interested clients reduce or quit smoking.

Pratyusha Manthena
Jennifer Min

Southwestern Alliance Against Food Insecurity (SAAFI)

Founded in spring 2019, SAAFI is a service organization in which medical students learn about food insecurity as it relates to health.  You will also be able to participate in volunteer efforts to combat food insecurity in the local community. We understand that nutrition is a determinant of health, and we work toward creating a future in which all members of our community have adequate access to healthy food.

Vi Pham
Jane Zhu

STI Lectures

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Lectures organization, a function of the Texas Medical Association, is a group composed of medical students, health professionals, and graduate students committed to providing educational presentations on STDs in Dallas-area middle and high schools. Our goal is to supply students with the information they need to protect themselves in order to prevent the spread of STDs in Dallas schools and communities.

Gabby Hanco
Nisha Reddy

Street Medicine

Founded in spring 2021, the Street Medicine Team (SMP) will be a student run, multidisciplinary volunteer group that strives to identify and serve the health care needs of the unsheltered homeless population living within the immediate area surrounding Dallas through street-outreach engagement. SMP aims to address health care inequality for this vulnerable population by establishing a trusting relationship between unsheltered individuals and existing health care services by delivering counseling, companionship and respect, first aid, and basic preventative care, serving as advocates who are equipped to coordinate existing social services, and if needed, administering emergency food, water, and clothing.

Jordan Kenfack
Paula Mofor

Student Patient Advocates for the Rights of our Communities (SPARC)

Founded in spring 2017, the purpose of this student group is to provide a place for students to learn more about and discuss issues affecting patient populations, helping them to become better advocates, and empowering them to take action in shaping a better future for our community.

Sai Chilakapati

UGM Clinics – Calvert Place and The Center of Hope

Started as a student organization in fall 2013 to provide services for the Union Gospel Mission (UGM), these clinics serve the homeless by treating them at one of the three free weekly medical clinics located at Calvert Place (men’s shelter) and the Center of Hope (women’s and children’s shelter). Medical students, residents, Physician Assistant students, and other volunteers work together to accomplish this goal.

Fatou Sahor
Annapoorani Asokan

United to Serve

United to Serve

Each year, UT Southwestern holds a health fair benefiting students and their families in the surrounding community. This United to Serve event, which has been held at T.J. Rusk Middle School, is geared toward bringing awareness of important medical health issues to the community. Activities include medical health screenings, presentations, and demonstrations about important health issues, fun activities for the kids, and more. The event is conducted as part of the UT System's United to Serve campaign, in which all UT System schools participate in a single day of service.

Katelynn Smith
Cylania Bird
Jacob Stevens

Walk with a Future Doc

Walk with a (Future) Doc was founded at UT Southwestern summer 2019 and is a student-led walking program focused on increasing physical activity among patients. Each month, we host a free local walk to promote wellness, healthy habits, and communication between patients and physicians in our community. The walks are open to students, faculty, and patients of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to help patient’s live healthier lives one step at a time.

Julia Zaytsev
Jeremy Aymard