Recent Urology Residents

Graduates of the Department of Urology residency program go on to advance their careers in a variety of areas, from additional fellowship training to academic medicine to private practice.

Here’s where some of our recent residents headed after graduation:

2020 GraduatesPost-Residency Plans
Joseph Crivelli, M.D. Endo Fellowship, University of Alabama
Ryan Mooney, M.D. Private Practice, North Dallas Urology Associates
Arthi Hannallah, M.D. Pediatric Fellowship, Los Angeles
Nabeel Shakir, M.D. Male Reconstructive Fellowship, NYU
2019 GraduatesPost-Residency Plans
Tim Clinton, M.D. Oncology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York
Daniel Mollengarden, M.D. Private Practice, Atlanta, GA
Niccolo Passoni, M.D. Pediatric Urology Fellowship, UT Southwestern
Alex Rozanski, M.D. Male Reconstructive Urology Fellowship, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, Burlington, MA
2018 GraduatesPost-Residency Plans
Shawn Mathur, M.D. Private Practice – Houston, Texas
Varun Sundaram, M.D. Private Practice – Portland, Oregon
Nick Kavoussi, M.D. Vanderbilt University – Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Nirmish Singla, M.D. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – Fellowship in Urologic Oncology
2017 GraduatesPost-Residency Plans
Shuvro De, M.D. Vanderbilt University – Fellowship in Pediatric Urology
Ted Klein, M.D., M.P.H. Private Practice – Dallas, Texas
Ilana Jacobs Mendelow, M.D. Private Practice – Austin, Texas
Kunj Sheth, M.D. Texas Children’s Hospital – Fellowship in Pediatric Urology
2016 GraduatesPost-Residency Plans
William Armstrong, M.D. Private Practice – Tyler, Texas
Paul Chung, M.D. Thomas Jefferson University Faculty – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, following Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship at the University of Washington
Matthew Meissener, M.D. MD Anderson – Fellowship in Urologic Oncology
Nathan Starke, M.D. Private Practice – Houston, Texas, following Andrology Fellowship at the University of Virginia
2015 GraduatesPost-Residency Plans
Christropher Cefalu, M.D. Private Practice – Dallas, Texas
Brian Mazzarella, M.D. Private Practice – Austin, Texas
Jeffrey Shoss, M.D. Private Practice – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Gregory Thoreson, M.D. Private Practice – Dallas, Texas