Resident Salary and Benefits

All UT Southwestern Medical Center residents are employees of Parkland Health & Hospital System. Salaries are paid twice monthly. The current (as of May 2016) annual pay scale for residents is:

  • Year 1 – $58,199
  • Year 2 – $60,122
  • Year 3 – $62,570
  • Year 4 – $65,070
  • Year 5 – $66,896

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice coverage is provided by participating hospitals on all house officers beginning the first day of their residency. The malpractice plan provides for $100,000 per claim for residents with an annual aggregate per plan participant of $1,500,000.

Life Insurance and Hospitalization

Parkland Health & Hospital System currently provides group hospitalization insurance and long-term disability insurance to all house officers through a self-insured group plan. Dependent coverage (spouse and children) is available.

All premiums are deducted from the biweekly paycheck. Coverage remains with the same carrier at all times.

A group life plan is provided at no expense to contracted, remunerated members of the Parkland house staff.

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