Resident Salary and Benefits

All UT Southwestern Medical Center residents are employees of Parkland Health & Hospital System. Salaries are paid twice monthly. Texas has no state income tax. The current (as of July 2023) annual pay scale for residents is:

  • Year 1 – $62,545.60
  • Year 2 – $65,540.80
  • Year 3 – $68,016.00
  • Year 4 – $71,552.00
  • Year 5 – $74,256.00

Retirement benefits include defined benefit and defined contribution (403(b) and 457) plans, with before-tax and Roth after-tax contribution options. After 1 year of service, a $1 for $1 match is provided by Parkland (up to 6% of pay) for 403(b) and 457 contributions. Paid time off (per academic year) includes three weeks of vacation and 10 additional days for meeting travel, interviews, illness, bereavement, etc.

Health, Life, and Disability Insurance

Parkland Health & Hospital System currently offers health insurance for residents and eligible dependents at low cost through participation in the Parkland Employee Health Plan (PEHP). Dental and vision plans are also available.

Basic life insurance is provided by Parkland with supplemental options for residents and eligible dependents.

Group long term disability insurance is provided by Parkland with options to increase coverage and decrease the benefit waiting period.

Guaranteed standard issue individual disability insurance with discounted, gender-neutral rates, including benefit increase rider and specialty specific own occupation coverage is available through an exclusive UT Southwestern GME offer provided by The Standard.

Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice coverage is provided by participating hospitals on all house officers beginning the first day of their residency. The malpractice plan provides for $100,000 per claim for residents with an annual aggregate per plan participant of $1,500,000.