Interventional Radiology – Integrated Program

The Interventional Radiology – Integrated Residency program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). It provides a well-rounded educational experience with extensive training in the interpretation of diagnostic imaging and the clinical management of patients treated by interventional radiologists. Physicians completing the program will be eligible for the IR/DR dual certificate and will be well positioned to excel in academic or private practice careers. 


The mission of the Interventional Radiology – Integrated Residency program is to prepare and inspire the next generation of clinicians, researchers, educators, and leaders in radiology, interventional radiology and medicine, and to instill in each trainee the highest ideals of patient advocacy, technical and clinical excellence, professionalism and integrity. We strive to graduate trainees who will treat diverse patient populations across the country in both academic institutions and private practice in keeping with the institutional mission.

Program Aims

  • Develop foundational skills for procedural excellence through graduated autonomy and individualized mentoring by highly engaged and diverse Interventional Radiology faculty
  • Develop foundational skills for longitudinal patient care excellence through fostering the ideals of empathy, compassion, communication, and duty to patients
  • Develop the requisite knowledge base to practice state-of-the-art patient care through a comprehensive curriculum led by world-class faculty in all subspecialties of Radiology
  • Provide clinical training experiences in diverse healthcare settings, including underserved and high-complexity tertiary care populations in nationally recognized institutions
  • Educate providers of outstanding care who will enter diverse clinical practice settings such as academic medicine and private practice
  • Mentor the next generation of leaders in research, quality, and education
  • Foster the development of leadership skills through mentoring and progressive autonomy
  • Instill core values of intellectual vibrancy, inspiration, innovation, iteration, integrity and impact which are foundational principles of the UT Southwestern Radiology department
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