North Texas Burn Rehabilitation Model System (NTBRMS)

The North Texas Burn Rehabilitation Model System (NTBRMS), which includes Parkland Health & Hospital System (PHHS) and UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW), is internationally renowned for its top quality comprehensive program of care, rehabilitation, and research involving children and adults who sustain major burn injury. The current grant cycle is funded through 2025.


The NTBRMS was instrumental in establishing the national database and has contributed detailed information on more than 1,500 subjects since 1994.

  • Two site-specific research studies: 
    • The effect of heat intolerance on exercise and physical function 
    • The evaluation of a web-based social skills training program for burn survivors 
  • A collaborative research module titled, “Burn model system five and ten year long-term follow-up of a national sample of major burn injuries.”

Each of these projects links directly with the major life domains of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) mission, namely Health and Function, and Participation and Community Living.


  • Scientific publications 
  • Quarterly newsletter available in English and Spanish. 
  • Collaboration with NIDRR-funded Model Systems' Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) by participating in its systematic reviews of evidence and will facilitate knowledge management by identifying the information needs and barriers among the various stakeholders both at national and local levels. 


Clinical collaboration is the hallmark of the burn team, which includes individuals from several institutions who work together seamlessly as well as collaboration with our rural care providers through outreach clinics.