• Quarterly Satellite Clinics at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler, Texas, are held for the convenience of burn survivors living in East Texas. Patients may call 214-648-3654 to schedule an appointment. The satellite clinic includes a one-hour educational segment for the therapists and other professionals involved in burn care and rehabilitation.
  • The Parkland Burn Survivor Group meetings are held the third Saturday of each month. This is when the survivors come together with family and friends to discuss issues they have encountered during and after recovery. Therapists from Parkland Health & Hospital System will be available to answer questions you might have about your therapy or home exercise program. Each month there is a different meeting theme addressing issues that may arise on a daily basis.
  • SOAR - Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery. SOAR is a program designed by The Phoenix Society to provide peer support to those whose lives have been touched by a burn injury. Whether it be a burn survivor, family member, parent of a burn survivor, or firefighter, a peer supporter is someone who understands, who provides the “voice of experience,” encouragement, emotional support, and a positive role model for burn patients and their families. Research has shown that peer support can have a positive impact on the emotional and social adjustment after a traumatic injury. Research also supports that sharing with those who have similar experiences improves the ability to live productive lives after a severe injury. (Excerpt from an article written by Pam Peterson, R.N.). NTBRMS and Parkland Health and Hospital System have worked together to establish the SOAR program for burn survivors. For more information, contact Radha Holavanahalli, Ph.D., SOAR Facilitator and Instructor/Trainer, at 214-648-9540.
  • The Phoenix Society's World Burn Conference Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California, October 22-25, 2014. To learn more about this organization and the work it performs, please visit The Phoenix Society or call 1-800-888-2876.

Burn Survivor Support Group Meetings

Would it help to talk someone who knows what you are going through? Join us for on-going support to survivors, family, and friends for an opportunity to share common experiences, problems, and solutions in an appropriate atmosphere. It’s a chance to talk with other survivors who are also coping.

Where: Parkland Hospital, 7th Floor South
When: Noon the third Saturday of every month