Abstracts and Publications

NIDRR-Supported Publications

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NIDRR-Supported Abstracts Presented at the Proceedings of the American Burn Association During the 2012-2017 Grant Cycle

Carrougher GJ, Mandell SP, Amtmann D, Kowalske KJ, Schneider JC, et al. Impact of burn-related amputations on return to work: Implications for burn rehabilitation in the U.S. J Burn Care Res.2014;35(Supp 3):S78.

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Gerrard P, Goldstein R, DiVita MA, Ryan CM, Mix J,et al. Validation of the FIM in burn patients at inpatient rehabilitation facilities. J Burn Care Res.2013;34(2 Supp 1):S129.

A copy of the abstracts presented in grant cycles 1993–2017 can be obtained by contacting Radha Holavanahalli, Ph.D., Director of Research.