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Immunohistochemical stain

The Immunohistochemistry Laboratory provides a broad range of immunohistochemical stains for paraffin sections of fixed tissues, and selected in situ hybridization and immunofluorescence procedures.

In addition to the routine antibodies used in general diagnostic anatomic pathology practice, the Immunohistochemistry Laboratory offers a large selection of less commonly used, or “esoteric,” antibodies that may not be available or practical to implement in general diagnostic laboratories.

Our antibody menu currently includes more than 200 different antibodies to tumor antigens, proliferation markers, infectious agents, and other normal and abnormal tissue antigens. New antibodies are developed upon request as needed by our customers. We also offer different detection/chromogen systems, so that stains can be tailored to our customers’ particular needs.

The lab is staffed by specialized histotechnologists, many of whom have earned Added Qualification in Immunohistochemistry (QIHC) certification from the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. The laboratory is overseen by a board-certified pathologist, and draws upon the expertise of world class faculty of the UT Southwestern Medical Center Department of Pathology in implementation and ongoing quality control of stains that we offer.

UT Southwestern faculty pathologists are available to offer full diagnostic consultation on submitted cases if requested.

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