Ob/Gyn Residency: Resident Wellness

We prioritize the longevity and enjoyment of a fulfilling career by actively supporting residents' wellness, self-care, and fatigue mitigation. We understand the pressures and stresses inherent in the path to becoming a physician and recognize their potential negative impact on trainees' overall health.

Promoting Resident Wellness

To address the holistic well-being of our residents, UT Southwestern established the Resident Wellness and Counseling Center (RWAC). This dedicated program provides comprehensive services to address issues such as burnout, complex mental health conditions, and academic preparation and optimization.

In addition to the RWAC, our residency program offers further support to ensure the well-being of our residents, including:

  • Lunch provided Monday through Friday for all residents working on Parkland’s Labor and Delivery and Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Services rotations
  • 24/7 availability of coffee and snacks for residents on L&D
  • Regular communication via a weekly "fuel gauge" to help residents maintain awareness of their well-being, with program directors following up with those who report lower fuel gauge ratings
  • Cancellation of Core Didactics on the fifth calendar Wednesday, known as "Wellness Wednesday," allowing residents dedicated time during business hours to attend to personal needs.
  • Allocation of tokens to each resident that can be redeemed on Wednesdays to prioritize personal tasks or engage in self-care instead of attending didactic sessions
  • Flexibility to attend personal appointments, including medical, dental, and mental health visits
  • Monthly class-level meetings to discuss well-being topics such as mindfulness, recognizing challenges, and maintaining social and family contact and relationships.

Resident Wellness Committee

Our residency program also has a Resident Wellness Committee made up of one resident representative from each class. This committee is supported by Julie Lo, M.D., our Assistant Program Director in charge of wellness initiatives.

The Resident Wellness Committee organizes various activities throughout the year to promote camaraderie and support among residents, including four social events, monthly resident happy hours, and community service projects. Additionally, each spring, every PGY -level comes together for a "Resident Night Out" to celebrate the culmination of the current year and the beginning of a new one.

We are committed to nurturing the well-being of our residents and providing an environment that encourages self-care, personal growth, and a sense of community.

Committee Members

Julie Lo, M.D.

Julie Lo, M.D.
Assistant Program Director,
Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency


Neha Ali, M.D.

Neha Ali, M.D.
Class of 2024

Ciara Hutchison, M.D.

Ciara Hutchison, M.D.
Class of 2025


Hannah Rabun, M.D.

Hannah Rabun, M.D.
Class of 2026