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Choosing your path in medicine is one of the most rewarding parts of medical school. First, it requires a good understanding of yourself. The AAMC’s Careers in Medicine has many resources, including self-assessments, to start that journey. Sometimes it also helps to “talk it out” – your Academic Colleges mentor and Associate Deans for Student Affairs are also always available to you for these kinds of discussions.

Next, you also need to learn more about the options that are out there. You can explore different medical specialties through Careers in Medicine as well. You can attend a “Job Talk” as part of the Strive course or attend a Student Interest Group meeting. Or you could shadow a physician in that specialty.

Lastly, you can also connect with the UT Southwestern faculty member who is the designated departmental faculty adviser for that specialty. These faculty are available to any student interested in their specialty, even early on in medical school. To learn more, click on a specialty where you’ll find answers to common questions about that specialty and the departmental adviser.