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Student Empowerment & Engagement (OSEE)

A group of diverse medical students standing in front of a tree

Celebrating and supporting the varied student population at UT Southwestern greatly enriches our institution. Integral to UT Southwestern's legacy of excellence is our conviction that distinctive viewpoints, a range of backgrounds, and personal lived experiences directly contribute to our students' capacity to deliver quality care to a constantly changing patient population. The acknowledgment and integration of various perspectives significantly enhance and enrich the educational journey of our students.

Our dedication extends to the recruitment and cultivation of a high level of variety within our student body. Additionally, we provide a range of programs and organizations to assist the needs and career goals of our students, with a particular focus on those from historically underrepresented minority groups.


Class of 2027 Medical School Demographics

Pie graphic showing Medical School demographics: Multi-racial URM, 3, 1%; Multi-racial Non-URM, 3, 1%; Asian, 97, 41%; African American, 19, 8%; Hispanic, 39, 16%; NR/NS, 9, 4%; Int'l, 1, 0%; White, 68, 29%
*As of September 30, 2023
URM= AA, Hispanic, AN/AI, Multiracial (AI/AN, AA, Hispanic)

Total Students: 239
25.5% URM
54% Females


Student Profiles

Phil Ezeala

“I chose to attend UT Southwestern for the training. Every physician I spoke with mentioned how UTSW grads were always so well prepared for residency. Getting a top-notch education in a great city like Dallas made choosing UT Southwestern a no-brainer.”

Phil Ezeala

Medical School Class of 2027

Alexander Colon

“I chose UT Southwestern for its extensive mentorship, high-quality clinical education, and encouraging community. I knew the people and opportunities at UT Southwestern would prepare me to become the physician I wanted to be for my future patients.”

Alexandra Colon

Medical School Class of 2027


Student Organizations

A Message from the Associate Dean

Norberto Rodriguez-Baez, M.D.
Norberto Rodriguez-Baez, M.D.

Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

At UT Southwestern, our student body comprises individuals with a range of backgrounds and perspectives. We highly value the presence of a multitude of perspectives and the creation of an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

The Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement (OSEE) organizes events and activities that foster a sense of belonging for all. We support the educational journey by providing a comprehensive education on cultural humility, healthcare disparities, and the significance of social determinants of health. Our institution offers diverse programs and events to continually empower our students and actively engage them in campus and community activities. Our current students are an integral part of our initiatives to cultivate the future generation of students from a myriad of backgrounds and life experiences.


Additional campuswide programs, events, initiatives, and resources can be found through UT Southwestern’s Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement.

Office of Student Empowerment and Engagement