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Data Science

Our Goal

To provide comprehensive and high-quality data science support including consultation, data analytics, and project collaboration for Simmons Cancer Center members.


Harry S. Moss Clinical Science Building (J)
J9.604 - South Campus
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75235

The Data Science Shared Resource (DSSR) provides Simmons members with comprehensive and high-quality data science services, including:

  • Bioinformatics analysis on various types of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, MS-based metabolomics and proteomics data, and other biological data
  • Image analysis on immunofluorescence images, histological images, and medical images
  • ML/AI (machine learning/artificial intelligence) algorithm and model development for biomarker discovery, big biomedical data mining, and outcome prediction
  • Help in accessing publicly available datasets and bioinformatics tools
  • Consultation on study design and grant proposals

DSSR offers educational programs that will raise the analytical competences of SCCC researchers and prepare cancer research trainees for independent careers with the goal to inspire and galvanize new research directions and scientific discoveries. DSSR is housed within the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics at UT Southwestern and fully integrated with BioHPC infrastructure.

Services and Fees

  • Helpdesk
    • A ticket-based service system offered 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. every weekday for assistance in-person or via Microsoft Teams.
    • Suitable for technical consultations on experiment design, data analytics strategy, generating support letters, etc.
    • Fees: 
      • Free for the first eight hours of service per ticket, capped at five tickets per user per year
      • Any additional tickets will be charged under the Data Science On-Demand service


  • Data Science On-Demand (hourly service)

    Suitable for consultations and solutions for short-term projects with well-defined scope of work. Examples include initial data analysis and generation of accurate figures for data representation.

    • Supervision and sign off on the final product by the DSSR Director.
    • A signed agreement between user and DSSR is required.
    • Fees: 
      • SCCC member: $100 per hour
      • Rate includes data computation time and storage. Data storage is maintained for six months after service ends. The member is responsible for long-term data storage.


  • Data Science Collaboration
    • Suitable for long-term projects with well-defined scope of work.
    • A signed agreement detailing project needs and DSSR commitment is required.
    • Scope of project should utilize DSSR staff time at 10 -80% FTE, as appropriately stated in the agreement.
    • A minimum commitment of two months (renewable) is required.
    • Includes supervision and sign off on the final product by DSSR Director.
    • Fees: 
      • The PI covers %FTE of the DSSR staff member (Computational Biologist) directly working on the collaboration
        Cost = (Salary of DSSR staff member x %FTE requested x project time in months)
      • DSSR Director’s supervision and staff training hours are included in PI cost
      • Data computation time and storage is included. Data storage is maintained for six months after service ends. The PI is responsible for long-term data storage.
      • SCCC leadership can mandate reduced FTE charge-back. 


Data Science Fellowship

Fellows will pursue data science projects based on their own research under the mentorship of DSSR faculty and staff.

  • DSSR commits 10% FTE per Fellowship and will host up to five Fellows at a time.
  • The Fellowship period must be pre-negotiated and be between six and 12 months.
  • Renewable or extendable per merit.
  • A signed agreement between Fellow, mentoring PI, and DSSR is required.
  • Fees: 
    • DSSR does not charge a fee for Fellowships
    • Fellow's salary must be covered by participating SCCC lab

The application process is currently closed. 


For access to high-performance computing, DSSR works with the BioHPC facility at UT Southwestern. All data storage, software suites, and application packages are hosted on the BioHPC infrastructure.   

More details can be found on the DSSR Lab website.

Leadership and Contact

Jeon Lee, Ph.D.

Jeon Lee, Ph.D.

Director, DSSR