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Shared Resources

At the Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, research is helping to develop innovative treatments in the fight against cancer. Essential to this research are Shared Resources, which maintain a broad array of services to enable and support our members’ cancer-focused research.

The six Shared Resources supported by the Cancer Center Support Grant are:

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Provides quantitative science support for cancer research through expertise and intellectual resources in biostatistics, clinical trials design and analysis, statistical genetics, epidemiology, and related data management.

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Data Science

Provides comprehensive informatics, data analytics, data integration, and data management support for basic, translational, and clinical research.

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High Throughput Screening

Provides facilities and expertise for the pre-clinical identification and development of new small molecule inhibitors and chemical tools, and to support the discovery and characterization of novel biological targets and pathways for therapeutic intervention.

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Quantitative Light Microscopy

Enables the application of high-end optical microscopy to cancer-focused research by providing access to professionally maintained light microscopes, advanced custom microscopes and two image processing workstations; and provides training and support in advanced optical microscopy techniques and image analysis.

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Small Animal Imaging

A comprehensive, multimodality small animal imaging resource that advances cancer biology and development of novel therapeutics by enabling noninvasive assessment of tumor development, behavior, progression, and response to therapy based on multiple imaging technologies, including optical, ultrasound, photo-acoustics, MRI, SPECT, and PET/CT.

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Tissue Management

The centralized resource to facilitate the acquisition, storage and distribution of comprehensively annotated and indexed, high-quality biospecimens and their derivatives, and to provide professional and technical histopathological services.

Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Shared Resources aim to ensure that each one perform their functions at the highest level of technology, service and accessibility to members; and to provide financial, administrative, and technical support to allow them to function cost-effectively.

The SCCC Cores are:

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Biomarker Research Core

Supports the design, implementation, and oversight of biomarker/correlative studies for investigator-initiated cancer clinical trials including the following: study design and planning, specimen collection and processing, and coordination with other campus core facilities.

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Immune Monitoring Core

Provides instrumentation, facilities, reagents, and technical know-how to support spatial transcriptomics and proteomics for SCCC investigators. IMC utilizes instruments acquired through a generous philanthropic gift and the resources of the Tissue Management Shared Resource and UTSW Flow Cytometry Core.