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Tissue Management

Microscopic image of pink stained tissue
Our Goal

To facilitate the storage and distribution of comprehensively annotated, high-quality biospecimens and their derivatives and to provide professional and technical pathology services.


Simmons Biomedical Research Building (NB)
NB5.102 - North Campus
6201 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75235


The Tissue Management Shared Resource (TMSR) serves as a centralized resource that facilitates the storage and distribution of comprehensively annotated, high-quality biospecimens and their derivatives and provides professional and technical histopathological services to Simmons members and collaborators.

The TMSR provides high-quality biospecimen and pathology resources through: preserving and expanding the biorepository and infrastructure with clinical and molecular genomics annotation and integration within a web portal for distribution; development, expanding, and utilizing innovative and routine tissue and cell resources, including tissue microarrays (TMA) and tumor cell lines that will aid in the successful completion of projects by members; and by providing cutting-edge pathology services and expertise in histomorphologic interpretation of human and animal model tumors.


  • Tissue Procurement, Banking, and Distribution
    Procuring, processing, banking and distribution of human neoplastic and non-neoplastic tissue are performed in the pathology department in Parkland Health & Hospital System and William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. The TMSR has space in the surgical pathology laboratories where surgical specimens are received and dissected by clinical staff. All tissue is quality-assured via histopathologic examination reviewed by clinical pathologists.

  • Clinical-Pathologic Data Collection and Data Integration
    Collected specimens are assigned a unique identifier used for annotation and tracking. Each sample can be tracked from procurement, to division into smaller aliquots, to storage, and its distribution to individual investigators. The TMSR Core maintains a secure, password protected, HIPAA compliant, partially web-accessible database recording details of banked specimens. Specimen-related data are captured and stored in a tissue management database, OpenSpecimen, with automatic population from electronic medical records. Members can perform basic sample availability queries of this database in a de-identified manner through a secure web interface to OpenSpecimen. UT Southwestern researchers can quickly search specimen availability on the Specimen Catalog. Please refer to the tip sheet for assistance.

  • Histology, Immunohistochemical, and Tissue Microarray Services
    TMSR provides automated immunohistochemical (IHC) staining services using standard, commercially available or investigator-generated antibodies on paraffin-embedded tumor sections. In addition, tissue microarrays are prepared in collaboration with UT Southwestern surgical pathologists. The surgical pathologist who curates each TMA is available for consultation on antibody optimization for IHC procedures and scoring the array. Antibodies previously used for IHC can be accessed here.

All service requests are managed through iLab. If you do not have an iLab account, please follow these step-by-step instructions to set up an account (tips to navigate iLab and for principal investigators using iLab are also available).

Technology and Equipment

  • Histology
    Leica RM2235 and Histocore microtomes, Boekel Scientific and Ted Pella lighted tissue flotation baths, Leica CM-E microscope, Sakura VIP6AI tissue processor, Leica Histocore Arcadia H embedding system, Leica Autostainer XL H&E stainer, Isotemp oven, ThermoScientific Slidemate AS slide printer, ThermoScientific Printmate AS150 cassette printer

  • Sample Processing
    Brady IP300 label printer, six ultra-low freezers (Sanyo, ThermoScientific, and Panasonic) monitored by CDAS (centralized university system), Beckman Coulter Allegra X15R centrifuge, Hettich Zentrifugen Universal 320 R centrifuge

  • Other
    ATA100 tissue arrayer, Boekel slide moat, Leica Bond RX IHC, IF and ISH Autostainer, 4°C refrigerator, -20°C freezer, analytical balance, Millipore water purification system


The use of shared resource specimens and services are available to Simmons Cancer Center members, other UTSW scientists, and external researchers. Fees for histology services and procurement services are subsidized for cancer center members working on oncology projects. Members also have priority for specimens with limited inventory. Please Cheryl Lewis, Ph.D., with any additional questions.

  • Histology Services
     Services  SCCC Member Investigator  UTSW Investigator/ Affiliate  External Academic Investigator
    Process Embed (one tissue) $3.50 $4.67 $9.34
      Multiple Tissue P/E (additional piece) $0.60 $0.80  $1.60
      Reprocessing &/or reembedding tissue  $2.50 $3.33 $6.66
      Printed cassette  $0.75  $1  $2
    Simple Section (Paraffin)  $3  $4  $8
      Extra Section (Same Tissue)  $0.60 $0.80  $1.60
      Extra Section (Different Tissue)  $2  $2.66  $5.33
      Upcharge for banked tissue/section  $1.70  $2.27  $4.54
      TMSR tissue block pull/refile charge (per block)  $1  $1.33  $2.66
      Paraffin dipped slide  $0.50  $0.65  $1.30
    Tissue Curl/tube (< 50 microns total)  $5  $6.67  $13.34
      Tissue Curl upcharge for banked tissue  $5  $6.67  $13.34
    H&E/Deparaffinization/Dehydration  $1.50  $2  $4
    IHC Standard Run (>5 slides/ab)  $18  $24  $48
    IHC Standard Run (< 6 slides/ab)  $20  $26.67  $53.34
    IHC Optimization  $22  $29.33  $58.66
    IHC Dual Stain (PI provided antibodies) $45 $60.01 $120.01
    Control Tissue Unstained Slide $4.70 $6.26 $12.53
    2 Control Tissues Unstained Slide  $8.40 $11.20 $22.40
    Histologist Assistance (Hourly Rate) $60 $80 $160
    Slide Boxes:      
      25 slides  $3  $3.99  $7.99
      100 slides  $6  $8  $15.99
    TMA Construction (investigator provided)/core  $13  $17.33  $34.66
      TMA Sectioning  $14  $18.67  $37.33
    RNAScope ready to use kit, >5 slides per request  $30  $40  $80
    RNAScope ready to use kit, optimization or  $34  $45.33  $90.65
    GeoMx - RNA probes  $405  $540  $1,080
    Additional GeoMx RNA slides  $18.75  $25  $50
    GeoMx - protein  $405  $540  $1,080
    Additional GeoMX protein slides  $18.75  $25  $50
  • Procurement Services
     Services  SCCC Member Investigator  UTSW Investigator/ Affiliate  External Academic Investigator
    Archival Specimen Distribution      
      Frozen Tissue/aliquot  $25  $33.33 $67.67 
      Additional aliquot from same tissue $17 $22.10 $44.20
      Frozen paired tumor/normal aliquots  $60  $80 $160 
      Plasma or Serum/aliquot  $13 $17.33 $35
      Buffy Coat/aliquot $24 $32 $64.01
      FFPE Tissue Block $33 $44 $88.01
    Specimen Procurement      
      Fresh Tissue Collection/aliquot $20 $26.66  $53.33 
      Fresh Whole Blood $30 $40 $80
      Additional aliquot from same tissue $13 $17.33 $34.66
      Blood Processing, simple $40 $53.33 $106.65
      Blood Processing, complex $57 $76 $151.99
    Specialty Services      
      Consenting  $40   $53.34 $106.68 
      Technical Assistance  $40   $53.34 $106.68 
      Complex Technical Assistance (Hourly rate) $65  $100 $200
      Consultation with Director/Pathologist (Hourly rate)  $100  $130  $260 
      Storage of Samples in-80C (Box/Year) $15 $19.50 $39
      RUSH order or after 6 p.m.   cost + 50%   cost + 50%   cost + 50% 

Leadership and Contact