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UT Southwestern Medical Center is considered to be one of the premier academic medical centers in the nation.

The research enterprise is supported by multiple core facilities and a cooperative collegiate environment that encourages collaboration between departments. The institution has more than 5,800 research projects underway with annual funding of more than $524.1 million, allowing a rich research environment for fellows.

Clinical investigators receive institutional assistance from the Department of Clinical Sciences, established to foster the development of clinical research careers.

This Department received a Clinical and Translational Science Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It offers courses including a master's degree in Clinical Experimental Design, and assistance to those who wish to engage in clinical investigation.

Fellows may compete for the prestigious Clinical Research Scholars Program, a partnership of UT Southwestern and the NIH to fund a formal curriculum in clinical investigation. The Department of Pediatrics subspecialty fellows and junior faculty have been among the most successful groups in competing for positions in this program. UT Southwestern maintains a thriving Graduate Medical Education Program.

The Department of Pediatrics

Under the direction of Jorge Bezerra, M.D., Professor and Chair, the Department of Pediatrics includes more than 250 full-time faculty members clustered in 17 academic divisions. Most divisions offer ACGME-accredited fellowship training programs.

Some of these programs have a long tradition of educational achievement that has been recognized with training grants from the NIH, including Hematology and Oncology, Critical Care, Endocrinology, Pulmonary and Vascular Biology, and Nephrology.

The Department considers education among its highest priorities and has established a rich environment for learning. Subspecialty fellows participate in weekly conferences where curricular activities alternate with discussions of research topics and issues related to their professional progress and well being.

Our fellows receive an educational stipend to allow for the purchase of personal copies of textbooks and other educational materials and access to travel funds to attend national and international meetings.

Division of Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine

The Division of Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine has a full contingent of faculty members, whose expertise spans the entire range of skills found in advanced pulmonology and sleep medicine programs – cystic fibrosis, respiratory failure and chronic mechanical support, sleep medicine, pulmonary vascular disease, respiratory disorders, including acute and chronic lung diseases, ventilator muscle weakness, and disorders of neurologic control of breathing.

For example, we care for a large cohort of chronically ventilated children, as well as children with pulmonary artery hypertension.

The Division maintains a busy outpatient clinic and a similarly busy inpatient unit of 12 beds. The consultation service maintains an average of more than 20 cases daily. Nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, and nutritionists work with the faculty in an integrated manner, providing an excellent environment for trainees to learn the principles of collaborative practice.

Center for Pulmonary and Vascular Biology

The Division of Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine is coupled with the Center for Pulmonary and Vascular Biology, led by Philip W. Shaul, M.D., Professor and Vice Chair of Research. This Division is focused on the biological basis of pulmonary disease in childhood.

With approximately 12,000 square feet of laboratory space at our disposal, we are equipped with all the necessary resources to conduct basic investigations at the cellular and molecular levels, including state of the art animal surgery and study facilities.

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Tanya Martinez Fernandez, M.D.

Tanya Martinez Fernandez, M.D.

Associate Professor

Director, Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program

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Preeti Sharma, M.D.

Preeti Sharma, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Associate Director, Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program

Phone: 214-456-4630

Fax: 214-456-5406

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Priscilla Castro

Coordinator, Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship Program

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