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Racial differences limit access to surgery for Black, Latino, and Asian children


The number of surgeries performed on Black, Latino, and Asian children is significantly lower than among white children in the United States, a UT Southwestern study has found. These differences may reflect inequities in access to surgical care.

Treating depression of parents boosts treatment of children’s asthma, study finds


Depression and anxiety in the parents of children with asthma have been associated with increased clinic visits and asthma-related hospitalizations.

Brain wave readings may be key to detecting concussions


Measuring levels of a specific brain wave could lead to more objective, definitive methods of diagnosing concussions.

Researchers find that different stem cells are responsible for the repair of different kinds of bone injuries


New research from Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern (CRI) found that different skeletal stem cell (SSC) populations contribute to repair of different kinds of bone injuries.

UTSW researchers examine impact of pandemic on children’s mental health


New research from pediatricians at UT Southwestern and Children's Health reveals the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in children.

How parents can help their kids with asthma avoid serious attacks


Changes in weather that accompany the return to school each fall can create a challenging environment for children who suffer from asthma, the most common pediatric chronic illness.

“Bionic pancreas” improves blood sugar control in Type 1 diabetics


An experimental device known as a bionic pancreas kept blood sugar levels within normal ranges more effectively than standard-of-care glucose management among patients with Type 1 diabetes in a multicenter trial conducted partly at UT Southwestern.

UTSW rheumatologists: Patients’ role critical for teens transitioning to adult lupus care


Patients who develop lupus as children will eventually shift to adult rheumatology care. In a unique collaboration between rheumatologists at UT Southwestern and Children’s Health, investigators conducted a qualitative study, which showed that patients’ health literacy and taking an active role in their own care are important to successful transitions.

Researchers discover new molecular driver of retinoblastoma


Researchers have discovered that a molecule – estrogen-related receptor gamma, or ESRRG – becomes hyperactive and promotes tumor cell survival in retinoblastoma.

Children’s Health will fund pediatric unit at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission – UT Southwestern Medical Center psychiatric hospital


Children’s Health significantly expands access to pediatric behavioral health services